Miscellaneous Nonsense

I'm not making any of the following up, folks. It is simply true that our Congressmen and other so-called leaders are truly idiots.

The House recently cut $174,000 from the budget of the National Science Foundation for the crime of underwriting a study about why civic leaders don't run for Congress. Representative William Clay, D-Missouri explained, "If there is one thing we do not need in this country it is more people to run for Congress". He went on, adding, this study "is an affront to every member of this Congress because these two professors start with the premise that we are not getting the best qualified people to serve in Congress." Well, duh! The only part of this entire fiasco that angers me is that it cost $174,000 to determine that our representatives are not the best this nation has to offer.

The House also recently voted to kill all funding for the National Endowment for the Arts over some tiny portion that went to fund art that they personally found offensive. The very same day these "leaders" voted to pay for the construction of seven or eight more B-2 bombers that are completely unwanted by any branch of our armed services. The total cost of the NEA was less than one tenth the cost of just one of those useless planes. Now, I can understand how these sensitive souls in the House could be so deeply offended. After all, these are the same folks who wanted lobbyists for chemical and petroleum and other massive polluters to write the latest version of the "Federal Clean Air & Water Act". These are also the same people who completely ignored every statistic compiled about Welfare mothers, lied every time they opened their mouths to discuss the destruction of these programs, then had the audacity to toast themselves on national television when they passed the bill to annihilate any safety nets for the poor. Of course a picture or a statue would offend such sensitive souls.

Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review found that the Pentagon spends $4.3 billion a year on travel. Now, here is the fun part...they spent just $2 billion for the travel itself but $2.3 billion to process the paperwork. Yup, these folks need lots more of your tax money, huh?!?

Henry Jordan, member of the South Carolina Board of Education, arguing for the right of students to post the Ten Commandments in schools, when told that it would be offensive to those who followed other religions, stated, "Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims. Put that in the minutes." He continued his intelligent and reasoned discussion later by explaining, "Both of those religions aren't really religions. They're cults, if you define a cult as someone who worships someone other than Jesus Christ". Whew! Hard to refute an argument when it's stated with such sympathy, clarity and command of the facts.

Do you realize that Congress actually voted to impose a moratorium on hearing any new ethics complaints against its members? Do you also know that this moratorium has been extended seven times since last February? Now do you understand why it appears that we have respectable people in Congress? Yup! You can't learn what they won't allow you to know.

Do you know how many military personnel have been convicted of adultery in 1996? One hundred and twenty four (124). Guess how many Generals! None Zip. Zilch. Nada. Now we know how to stop adultery in America, don't we? Just promote everybody to General and, viola, no more messing around.

Did you know that corporations in America are considered "people" and therefore have the right to free speech? That means that corporations can sue for damages for distress, hurt, and humiliation? Be very careful about what corporations you complain about. They have the right to sue because you caused the corporation "emotional distress". A cold wind of stupidity is blowing across our Constitution, folks.

The National Review, an ultra-conservative magazine, reports that the Democrats will win huge increases in elected offices nationwide in 2008. The article states that this will occur due to the "alarming" (their word) increase in people of color attaining the vote and becoming a larger percentage of total voters. The authors conclude their hate mongering article by stating that the Republicans will not be able to increase their percentage of white votes "since the current congressional leadership refuses to voice white concerns". While liberals may hope that this prediction comes true, the racists and bigots responsible for the article and the magazine are far more frightening, today.

Well, we may continue this next issue. There are simply too many ludicrous things happening out there that don't rate their own article. Maybe just giving a couple of sentences on them will allow those who really care about where we are going to go learn more for themselves.

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