Even More Miscellaneous Nonsense

Time for some quotes and facts that so clearly show why the direction we are being taken is not acceptable.

"We said by the year 2000 we'd have the presidency, and that's to me the next goal." Pat Robertson, in a secret tape of a speech to Christian Coalition members.

"With the IRS, we would suggest if they haven't seen a smoking gun, this is the smoking gun." Barry Lynn, liberal activist, explaining why the Christian Coalition is just another Political Action Committee trying to buy political influence and its tax-exempt status must be revoked.

Number of American households in which members do not get enough to eat - 4.2 million.

Percentage of Americans who are medically obese - 30%.

Percentage of Louisiana eighth-graders who passed the state math test in 1996 - 79%.

Percentage who passed the national math test the same year - 7%.

Amount Republican's Gingrich and Trent Lott snuck into this year's "balanced budget" bill that was intended as a tax break gift to the tobacco industry - $50 BILLION!!!

Gingrich's answer when asked about the gift and his part in inserting it into the budget deal - "I feel betrayed".

Paula Jones, who claims Bill Clinton once propositioned her in a hotel room, now has a web site that begs for money for her legal bills.

Corporations which successfully lobbied the President and Congress for permission to sell nuclear technology to China, technology which can easily be converted to nuclear bomb construction Westinghouse, General Electric, Bechtel, ABB Combustion Engineering Inc. and many others. Reason gave for allowing this transfer of extremely dangerous technology to a country which transfers that technology to states such as North Korea, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan and other nations dedicated to the destruction of America - the U.S. government wasn't buying enough bombs for these divisions to remain profitable. Sob!

The House of Representatives passed a bill that raises their own pay in another of their many sneaky maneuvers - they simply omitted the clause which would have denied themselves the same raise as federal workers. Amount per year that these thieves in the night "earn" annually - $137,000 plus massive benefits not given to real workers.

ABC TV claims as an "educational" program - 101 Dalmatians: The Series.

Out of 163 Democratic nations surveyed, placement of the U.S. in voter participation - 139th.

Percentage of adults who read the daily newspaper in 1996 - 58%. Percent forecasted in 2015 - 48%.

Number of pages dedicated to the death of ex-princess Diana by U.S. News & World Report 9/15/97 - 18. Number dedicated to the death of Mother Theresa - 2.

While Congressional Republicans whine about Chinese lobbyists influencing the President, amount spent by various nations in 1996 lobbying efforts - China: $427,000. Canada: $5,130,000. Mexico: $5,078,000. Japan: $4,908,000. Britain: $4, 372,000. Taiwan: $4,217,000. Israel: $3,236,000.

Programs Majority Leader Republican Richard Armey claims can be privatized or eliminated in order to continue his jihad for "smaller government" - national parks, student loans, the FBI and Social Security.

Percentage of Air Traffic Controller's time spent dedicated to Corporate America's private planes - 15%. Percentage of Air Traffic Controller expenses paid by Corporate America - 3%.

Additives found in cattle feed throughout the U.S. by the FDA after the E.coli outbreak at Hudson Foods Co. - dead cats and chicken manure.

We'll conclude with one of the scariest examples of Corporate America's complete disregard for anything but the almighty profit. The Wall Street Journal reports that Richard Scott, CEO of Columbia/HCA, one of the largest HMO corporations in America, has a vision, "in which diseases from cancer to diabetes to manic-depression become profitable "product lines" for businesses like his". Individual doctors are to be "replaced by disease management programs that standardize treatment, thus allowing lower priced health technicians to punch into a computer and come up with treatment plans".

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