A Bit of a Poll

I am so very saddened by our complete and utter failure in the area which I consider to be the only true responsibility America faces. In fact, I am devastated at the lies and punitive legislation which only makes the problem worse, never better.

It is my opinion that the adults of each generation have only one obligation and that is a simple one. We are charged with making our world a better, cleaner, more loving place for our children to live in. It is our duty to live our lives producing the heaven on earth that all people of intelligence realizes we of capable of. We have the means, the capabilities to do so very easily, too.

What, instead, is the driving force of this nasty, greedy generation which believes themselves in charge of this nation? Money, money, money, money, money and, oh yeah, let's not forget money!

I have had many people tell me that any money taken from them by the government for any reason is theft. Do these same people consider donations to the various charities as useless? The answer, nearly without fail, has been that the poor are poor because they want to be and it isn't the job of the wealthy to take care of the nation's sick. In fact, I've twice heard the statement that we would better off just letting both groups die out and thus clean up the genetic pool (as if the rich are somehow superior in any way but greed).

I would like to offer a small poll. It will not be even close to scientific but will rather only allow you to express yourself and to see just how the rest of the readers respond. I can take responses by e-mail or snail mail in care of this paper. If enough individuals respond, we'll look at the answers in a future article. Vote for as many as you like. Understand, the wording may or may not be to your liking. I'm also omitting the insane "solutions" offered by the far right since their answers seldom are anything but punitive. Live with it.

1) A recent study by Alan Durning and Christopher Crowther for the Northwest Environmental Watch, a think tank for the area covering No. Calif. to Alaska, found that more than one third of all children born in the Northwest are conceived by accident. Which solutions would you like to see instituted?

A) Better training for teachers who present instruction in sex education.

B) More factual information taught including information about all forms of birth control (external, internal and abstinence) as well as full information about sexually transmitted diseases.

C) Include classes in self esteem along with very basic information about sex, beginning in the third grade.

D) Discuss unhealthy forms of sex, such as incest and date-rape, and encourage children to see school nurses/counselors (who would be hired full time immediately) if they need help of any sort.

E) Make available all forms of birth control through private health insurance or government programs to all children who become sexually active.

2) Recent studies have proven a connection between early and sustained physical contact with loved ones and later success in school and life. What direction should the nation take to insure that children and parents are allowed the maximum amount of time together?

A) Create tax incentives for businesses that furnish employees with salary and benefits that will allow one wage earner families to succeed.

B) Create substantial tax benefits for single earner families with children below a predetermined age.

C) Encourage businesses to design and support in-house child care facilities in order to allow increased interaction between parent and child.

D) Begin a concerted government campaign to increase public awareness of the need for better early childhood development in hopes that the marketplace will create sustainable programs that will promote opportunities for parents and their children.

If you have other options than those I've offered I would love to hear about them, as well. Here's your chance to have your name mentioned in an Another Perspective's article. Just think, tens of people will learn about you and your views on this subject. Go for it. Just send your suggestions to the address below or to the little mailbox on my web pages or, if you haven't as yet discovered the twentieth century, by mail in care of this paper. However you choose to participate, you will have a say in deciding how our children will be treated in the future. That's worth a few minutes of your time, isn't it?

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