Would the Far Right Just Shut Up, Please?

Well, as a famous and very senile fellow once said, "There you go again!" The right has created another horror that they are now desperate to disown responsibility for while trying to fashion legislation to cure the same problem their own stupidity created. What is the current abomination that the American people have to fear?

With cretins like G. Gordon Liddy using his radio show to inform his low life listeners of the most effective way to murder a federal agent; with the far right ignoring the crimes committed by those at Ruby Ridge and Waco but manfully screaming for the blood of the agents who put their lives on the line to enforce the very laws that the far right have enacted; with that maniac Limbaugh crying crocodile tears over the "crimes" of the Democrats while ignoring the same crimes of his own loving party; with Gingrich and the rest of the ultra-conservatives damning the federal government's actions in creating wilderness areas but refusing to damn the idiots who physically assault and use firearms to attack these same agents over the right's nasty agenda; while the NRA sends out requests for money using the image of the "jack booted Nazi" federal agents and all of the other repugnant actions that have exposed the true plan of the far right, those Americans who still care about what America stands for can now see just how low the right has gone in its efforts towards the destruction of all that is good in America.

Now, Congress wants to enact legislation to protect the very same officials who the right has attacked verbally over and over. That's right, rather than acknowledge that their spiteful attacks were wrong in the first place and to simply ask their deranged and insane followers to cease acting like psychotic Rambos (an oxymoron?), they want to pass even more unnecessary laws to protect the same agents the right has made into targets.

I do not believe that we need any more legislated protection for our federal officials. They are already covered by every law that all citizens enjoy as well as many targeted at government officials, specifically. What we need is for the far right to stop their insane attacks on the very people who are only charged with carrying out the orders of the various higher branches of government. What we need is for Gingrich and Liddy and Limbaugh and all the rest of the far right's undignified and disgraceful allies to grow up and stop acting like they are back on the playground where their nastiness could be cured by a few minutes in the principal's office and a quick visit with the "board of education".

This entire situation is a magnificent example of the paramount dilemma our government forces us to constantly confront. They create colossal obstacles to national sanity by their own actions and sad excuses for reason, then try to convince themselves and us that they can now remedy the situation by passing some more useless laws. Instead, all they accomplish is more inane finger pointing and blame passing with absolutely nothing of any consequence coming from it all.

Finally, Congress, for some reason, wants the Justice Department to compile annual reports detailing all accounts of threats and violence towards government employees. How this would be accomplished isn't explained nor does Congress have any explanation as to who will fund such a massive and detailed account. Neither is it explained if the far right's own vitriolic attacks will be included in this report and what penalties they would face for these offenses or if the right would mysteriously remember some other section than the Second Amendment of the Constitution and suddenly claim First Amendment privileges.

In any event, it is far past time for our representatives to begin acting as mature as we expect our smallest school children to behave. It is far past time for them to cease being malicious and immoral and to set an example for America far above the despicably low level that they have so far established.

Reference: U.S. News & World Report, Oct 27, 1997, Washington Whispers, pg. 25

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