Where Should We Go From Here?

Here is a question I would like to pose to both my faithful readers and to those who happen across my site, as well. It is a subject which has been weighing heavily on my heart for a couple of months, now, but I have been unable to make a decision one way or the other, by myself. That is why I am asking for the input of all of you who read this. The question is, which direction should this column take in the future?

I am quickly becoming very frustrated with trying to write about issues that affect the so- called adults of this nation. The few who live with their eyes and hearts truly open agree that the world we are witnessing Corporate America create is not one which is fair or progressive or humane. The method they have chosen isn't even meant to delude us into believing that the American citizen has any place in it save as a "resource" for the use and abuse of the corporation. Rather, their methods are openly meant to serve as a constant reminder that only wealth is of any concern and that we, the people of this nation, should be thankful for any scraps of the "American Dream" which they choose to leave for us. We are told that only the bottom line is of any consequence and the pain and dislocation that the actions of Corporate America and their political lackeys cause is our predicament, not theirs.

Sadly, most of America is all too eager to accept whatever they are given simply because any other course of action will cut into their TV time and cause them to be noticed by the very same powers that are causing such corruption in their lives. The idea that freedom and the American Dream are two ideals that our ancestors found well worth fighting for is no longer true. Rather, America has become a place where riches and senseless "celebrity" status is revered but the few who battle for fairness are ridiculed and ignored or labeled by some supposedly degrading remark like "liberal" or "communist" or "socialist", not one word of which the average American voter could honestly explain the definition of, only that their political masters use them as insults, so they do, too.

Well, gentle readers, since it is becoming painfully obvious that the average American citizen has become just another sheep in the flock, following their masters faithfully over the cliff and into the abyss, crying all the way that pain must be good since the good Masters give out so much, I am in the process of just giving up on them completely and utterly. Why spend my valuable time trying to open the eyes of idiots? Why even attempt to counter the poisonous propaganda that America thirsts for and laps up like tame little puppies? Why try to improve the lives of the very people who gleefully allow such horrors to exist in the first place?

Perhaps, instead of working to make this generation's lives even slightly better, maybe my time and talents would be better utilized in attempting to show how the actions of these fools are destroying the future for their children? Perhaps, the moral numbness that passes for conscience in America can be re-animated by reminding these clowns that the meanness that they try to pass off as thought in the 90's will have a direct bearing on the quality of the lives that their children will inherit. Maybe, just maybe, reminding them that the effects of their stupidity will not end with their generation might goad them into taking a longer view of America than just their next paycheck. Maybe the idea that the next generation will hate this one for the absolute absurdity that they tried to pretend was intelligent thought will slow the process of destruction down to a pace which can eventually be reversed. Maybe!

I have come to the conclusion, obviously, that our children are all that is worth fighting for. They have no power, no vote in what kind of world we leave them. They aren't even aware that there is a battle taking place which will decide their future, let alone that their own parents are, far too often, fighting against the children's best interest and for the adult's short sighted greed. I believe that every generation that places personal greed above the welfare of their children is an utter failure and will leave only a legacy of shame.

I have earlier written that we, as a nation, should begin a campaign aimed towards insuring that each generation leaves a better world than it found. I suggested that it be named the "Children First" campaign. If any of my readers have further ideas that will support the call for a better legacy than the memories which Gingrich and Clinton (the President, not the First Lady) and Fallwell and Gov. Pete Wilson, et al, have forced upon the rest of us, I would love to hear them and to incorporate them into a strategy for a better future for all, not just the few who can afford it.

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