A Child of the Sixties

I, like so many others, am a child of the sixties. My views on life were formed during that period but, as opposed to the apparent majority of the others of that period, I retained those views rather than follow the changing and degrading fads that came along in the ensuing years.

In 1997 America, anyone espousing the views which I have tried to base my life on are considered "liberal" or "socialist" or some other negative term which the accuser probably couldn't honestly define if their life depended on it.

Perhaps a comparison between the life's objectives of those who grew up in the 60's against what appears to be important in the 90's is in order. Again, I understand that the conservatives of today belittle everything which isn't hateful and punitive so this might be the time for you folks to go back and make sure that none of those horrible women or children are stealing any part of your hard earned plunder. The rest of us will continue without you, as we will do when America finally wakes up to the reality of the contemptible 80's and 90's.

We will ignore all of the negatives that the sixties endured like drugs and violence and dishonest and evil politicians since the nineties has exactly the same dilemmas and are doing even worse at solving these problems.

In the sixties, the youth of that generation were searching for answers. Large questions were posed and, while most of the time no answers were found, at least the questions were asked. Where are the important questions of the 90's?

In the sixties, the youth of that generation tried to convince the world that peace was the ultimate victory. In the nineties, we have President Bush stating that opposition to his unnatural desire for war in the Middle East was "un-American".

In the sixties, the youth of that generation demanded equal treatment for all Americans regardless of their color or ethnic heritage. In the nineties, we have Proposition 209 and the federally mandated destruction of affirmative action and a government which continually tries to revive segregation.

In the sixties, the youth of that generation demanded that business be held responsible for their actions, both here and abroad. In the nineties, no one seems to care that children are dying in other countries making the expensive running shoes that today's youth then kill one another over.

In the sixties, the youth of that generation honored individuals such as Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and other champions of thought and fairness and peace. In the nineties, people worship simple individuals who excel at children's athletic games or play act in violent movies or steal depositor's money out of S&Ls or men with funny hair cuts and fake southern accents claiming that, for some strange reason, Jesus needs your money but then He never seems to get any of it after the preachers get their hands on it.

In the sixties, the youth of that generation believed that all of mankind could live without destroying the planet's environment, leaving clean air and water and soil to succeeding generations. In the nineties, we have a Republican Congress allowing their masters, the nation's most massive polluters, to write what is humorously called "The Clean Air and Water Act of 1996".

In the sixties, the youth of that generation believed that children are our future. In the nineties, children are treated like a burden on the federal budget and the Gross National Product.

In the sixties, the youth of that generation believed that America's government was created to insure that the American people are protected and cared for. In the nineties, business has become far more important to our government and people are obviously considered last, if at all.

In the sixties, the youth of that generation worked towards goals which would positively affect all Americans. In the nineties, only the wealthy and corporations are considered beneficial to America.

In the sixties, the youth of that generation yearned for world peace and love for all humankind. In the nineties, all that is thought about is amassing wealth and enjoying the suffering of those who have amassed less and worshipping those who amassed more.

All in all, I completely prefer the motives of the sixties rather than the greed and meanness that are the hallmarks of the 90's. I vastly prefer even the failures of the sixties over the so- called successes of the nineties. I firmly believe that this world would be well on its way to the heaven on earth that God has provided for us but that, sadly, this nation took a hard right turn away from anything positive and directly into the Reagan Era. It has been steadily downhill from that point on.

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