A Look Inward

Lately, I've been feeling that this column and the things I report to you have begun to nearly take over my life. My days are spent reading everything I can get my hands on in order to stay at least even with those who are trying desperately to destroy the American Dream for everyone but themselves. My evenings and weekends are spent mentally writing down everything that I believe that you must know in order to have even the slightest chance at having an intelligent and fact based opinion. Here and there I find the time to organize and put into words all of the horrors that is 1997 Amerika.

I have slowly watched myself become further and further immersed in the sewage that our make believe representatives try to pass off as the act of governing our nation. I have witnessed the flood of greed and self-interest and the encouragement of repression against those about whom we know little and care less. I have listened to people demand constitutional rights which have never existed while despicably demanding the removal of truly constitutional rights from those who can barely protect themselves. I have beheld my generation turning their eyes from the positive objectives of their youth and embracing the nasty and vile objectives of the Reagan Revolution.

I then look at my children and the children of my friends and neighbors. I realize that all that was once good and honorable about the nation I risked my life and future for no longer exists. I know that the little that remains of the American Dream of my youth is being drained away into the bowels of those who know that they can steal that dream and still be able to convince the unthinking people that they and their despicable cohorts are the saviors of America. I have come to understand that our children, those happy, laughing little creatures we have created in moments of joyous passion, will find that there will be little left of their innocence and joy once they are forced into that phase we call being an adult. For once they have discovered what little we have left them of the wonders and far horizons that should have been their birthright they will turn to us and question how we could have been so careless and destructive of their future, all in the name of our depraved lust for more and more for ourselves.

The most horrific part of my life was caused only because I was so foolish as to believe that our government and business and religious leaders had only the best intentions in their heart. I believed that they would never sacrifice the life or future of any American without the cause of freedom or justice at the action's soul. I happily followed what I was told was my "patriotic duty" to "defend America" and went 10,000 miles away from America and its freedoms and began the ritual murder of a nation with whom I had no quarrel. I did so gleefully and without hesitation because they were the "Godless Communists" and I fought, like any other superhero, for "Truth, justice and the American way"! Once the ghastly truth became clear, my life was so changed as that I became an entirely different person. Certainly not a better person, as the misery that I witnessed and the sorrow that I caused could never add up to a more worthy human being. No, rather I became simply a person who was forced into the realization that no one in government nor religion nor business nor even among the very population of my country cared whether I or my compatriots lived or died. The only objective that seemed to matter was that we do it quietly and out of their notice.

America has, sadly, changed very little in the past few decades. Now, instead of sending our citizens out of the country to fight the wars that our leaders create, they expect Americans to simply accept the reality that this nation's business arena is the new war zone and America's working people the combatants. Our freedoms have degenerated to the point that we are free to fight over the small morsels that Corporate America and their toadies in government allow us. We are free to do whatever it takes to climb the "Corporate ladder" only so long as we realize that the cost of the exercise is our soul.

There are still those very few among us who will recall a time when America stood for something other than greed and selfishness. Will the next generation remember the great and honorable philosophy that was once America or will they be the soulless automatons which Corporate America so longs for? Sadly, it is up to everyone of you to make that choice now. I say sadly because it appears that you have already made your choice and the process has begun.

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