America - Point By Point

America; a land where the top one percent of families own about the same amount of wealth as the bottom ninety five percent.

America; a land where the percentage of children living in extreme poverty has doubled since 1970.

America; a land where the Gross Domestic Product rose 33% from 1973 to 1994, yet wages for non-supervisory workers (the people who do the real work) fell 19%.

America; a land where the average CEO earned as much as 209 factory workers while worker's wages and benefits barely kept up with inflation.

America; a land where entry-level wages for a male high school graduate fell 27.3% and 9.5% for a male college graduate since 1979.

America; a land where the percentage of young workers (18-24) earning low wages doubled from 23% to 47% between 1972 and 1992.

America; a land where families with household heads ages 25 to 34 had 1994 incomes that were $4,611 less their 1979 counterparts.

America; a land where the percentage of low wage earners leapt from 12% to 18% between 1979 and 1992. That is nearly one fifth of the entire American work force.

America; a land where one quarter of children officially designated poor live in a family with at least one parent working full time, year round.

America; a land where workers are known in the board room as "resources" and "disposable assets".

America; a land where the government negotiates treaties which allows corporations to move out of the country, forcing millions of American workers to fall into poverty.

America; a land where more than half of all women with children below the age of six and three quarters of women with children between the ages of 6-17 are in the paid work force.

America; a land where women earn only 71% of what male workers doing the same work earn.

America; a land where a government study showed that even "if all poor single mothers obtained [full-time] jobs at their potential wage rates the percentage not earning enough to escape poverty would be 35%."

America; a land where two thirds of minimum wage workers are female.

America; a land where full-time work at minimum wage pays below the acknowledged poverty line for a family of two.

America; a land where the leading cause of injury to women is violence while domestic violence causes more emergency room hospital visits for women than car accidents, muggings and rapes combined.

America; a land where "accidents" (mostly drunk-driving fatalities) is the leading cause of death for children 15-24. Homicides are a very close second.

America; a land where spending per pupil in California ranged from $2,337 in the poorest districts to $56,791 in the wealthiest while spending $25,000 to $40,000 annually to incarcerate prisoners.

America; a land where prisons and schools are over crowded but 6% of all American workers are unemployed as a matter of government policy.

America; a land where 1 in every 167 citizens are imprisoned. Only one in every 320 were in 1985.

America; a land where one out of three black men in their twenties are either in jail, on probation or on parole.

America; a land where one out of three black men and women aged 16-19 are officially unemployed (meaning registered with a federal agency looking for work, otherwise they are counted by our silly system as employed).

America; a land where three out of four drug users are white but 90% of those sentenced to state prison are black or Latino.

America; a land where welfare for the poor is being decimated while welfare for Corporate America is being nearly doubled.

America; a land where over half the eligible voters choose not to vote.

America; a land where white males hold 95% of all corporate executive positions and can still convince the workers whom they are laying-off that is the fault of welfare mothers or blacks or illegal immigrants or affirmative action or liberals or anyone or anything other than the obscene greed rampant in America's corporate suites.

America; a land where the statement "I hope all liberals burn for eternity in Hell" is the answer to a question about my beliefs by a fellow who signs each of his messages with the sign of the fish.

America; a very sad and nasty nation.

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