What Do I Want For America?

I've been asked a number of times just exactly what I want for America's future. Perhaps I haven't fully expressed myself, although I have often tried . Since I'm pretty certain I'm not an S.O.B. or an ignorant jerk and very certain that I'm not a communist and have absolutely no belief in the Heaven where I've been told I'll never go or the Hell where I'm told to roast in, I must assume that either the ends which I seek haven't been defined as well as possible or some of my readers are simply too far to the right to ever reach with intelligent debate or even simple reason.

Let's see if I can put into words my desire for my nation. I'll try to explain where we should be headed since I have spent a great deal of space already explaining where I believe we've gone wrong.

I want America to stop worshipping wealth and simple athletic ability.

I want America to start looking at all of its citizens as important.

I want America to love and respect every single one of its children no matter the wealth of their parents.

I want America to find solutions to our problems and to stop the never ending search for scapegoats.

I want America to stop supporting the Limbaughs and Bill O'Reillys and the other hate mongers and preachers of disunity.

I want America to stop talking about the false "family values" of the right and for all to lead only by example.

I want America to have political candidates who tell us what they will do if elected (and then do it) and stop just acting like badly mannered children calling each other names.

I want America to remember that the business of America is its citizens, not business.

I want America to provide each of its citizens equal opportunities for education, health care, child care and employment.

I want America to stop using my taxes to help Corporate America move our jobs to other countries while constantly lowering our own standard of living and increasing their own by the day.

I want America to vote.

I want America to stop hating anyone with a different political philosophy.

I want America to be gravely distressed that children are sleeping in boxes on the street because their parents are homeless.

I want America to never again allow a child to suffer because of adult political stupidity. I want America to actually learn about the documents that give them the freedoms which they constantly misinterpret.

I want America to stop taking away their own freedoms in exchange for an even more drawn out and losing battle in the imaginary War on Drugs.

I want America to search for brotherhood and peace rather than belittling those who already are searching.

I want America to respect people like Mother Teresa and Bishop Tutu and other peace makers and cease loving the likes of Ronald Reagan or Michael Milken or other thieves or malevolent make-believe "leaders".

I want America to understand that patriotism is only a silly emotion related to one's place of birth. A nation isn't great just because its people are patriotic (see Hitler's Germany or Mussolini's Italy or Bosnia or Iraq or Iran or any of a multitude of proofs throughout the millennia where patriotism reigned supreme in a nation full of evil).

I want America to look at all those who share this planet as their fellow children of God.

I want America to look at this planet as the heaven on earth it was meant to be and to stop making it filthy in the name only of greed and self interest.

I want America to begin the long process of becoming the great nation it always falls short of through the greed and nastiness and outright meanness of its baser citizens.

Finally, I want America to ask itself why, in a nation which wastes enough food daily to feed 240,183 people for one year, we still whine and cry about any program which is meant to assist those children who go to bed hungry every single night.

Is this all too much to ask? I know that some close minded individuals will hate me no matter what I say but they will be left behind once America remembers its potential for greatness and changes course away from the meanness that the right represents.

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