HMOs, Republicans and Other Trivia

Three of America's largest HMO's recently requested federal legislation to provide "legally enforceable national standards", in other words a bill of right for patients, which would enable all sides to understand exactly what is to be provided by law. Guess who is mounting a huge fight against the legislation?!? That's right, the Republicans in Congress. A memo from the Health Insurance Association of America states that "Senate Republicans need a lot of help from their friends on the outside" and that Trent Lott is demanding that his supporters "get off your butts, get off your wallets" to help defeat this much needed law.

In a nation which wastes enough food daily to feed 240,183 people for one year, we still whine and cry about any program which is meant to assist those children who go to bed hungry every single night. There can be no reason but greed and meanness for anyone to condone even one child in this nation sleeping in a box in the rain and cold. There can never be an instance when a child's suffering can be considered acceptable, ever!!

Isn't it time we ask why we applaud tax laws that increase the taxes on those earning less than $22,600 (increased $19) while giving immense benefits to those who need the break the least, those earning over $246,000 (decreased $16,157) even though there are 40 times as many Americans earning the smaller amount. It is time to stop worshipping wealth and punishing poverty. It's time we remember that not one single religion sanctifies earthly treasures. It's time to understand that the accumulation of wealth takes far less "family values" than sharing that wealth with others in need.

How about the interesting fact that, since 1977, nine people were released from Illinois death row prisons while only eight have been executed. Makes one wonder if any of those eight might have been innocent but unable to buy the justice that they deserved. It might well be time to decide that those who demand capital punishment have more in common with murderers than those who decry it. Oh, by the way, the non-existent liberal media never reported this little fact. Might have irritated their Republican masters?

Looking for information about "Labor" on the Internet? You can skip the "Labor Home Page", a site created by the vehemently anti-labor, anti-worker, radical right wing Heritage Foundation. If you decide to visit, though, you will "learn", for instance, that we should be supporting child labor overseas because to do otherwise would "limit consumer choice for Americans". You'll also be amazed to discover that raising the minimum wage (I'm not making this up, folks) "will effectively prohibit people from working unless their skills are worth more than $5.15" (how hard is that?) and that not raising the minimum wage will force these poor folks to "leave their unions because unions encourage the Boy Scouts to admit homosexuals and atheists, offer financial contributions to political groups that promote abortion, and oppose welfare reform and a balanced budget." Huh?

For that matter, stay away from the "Workplace Regulations and Mandates Page" since it only whines mightily about the poor corporation's burdens of Social Security, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, among many others. Of course, they outright oppose all legislation protecting workers because it hampers Corporate America's ability to "adjust to changing economic conditions...". I mean, for goodness sakes, if foreigners can treat their employees like animals, why can't Corporate America if it means higher profits for the wealthy?

Here are some more to avoid, as well: and its soon to be open and and, finally,

Once again, I take the time to visit the Web's outhouses so you don't have to. And people wondered what I was good for?!?

I'll have some more interesting trivia next time. There is just so much dirt to dig through to discover the truth but I happily soil my hands so that you don't have to. What a guy!

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