More Trivia For Those Still Thinking

Newt Gingrich, in expressing what he seems to believe to be a pressing problem for America, wants to rename Washington National Airport after Ronald Reagan. Now, this makes an awkward and ironic kind of sense, if you're looking toward how future generations will view the stupidity of the late twentieth century. Consider, the man who destroyed the world's premier air traffic control system and deregulated the airlines, allowing their service and safety to dramatically deteriorate, having an airport named after him. Every report of an aircraft crashing while taking off or landing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport will remind our descendants of just how horrible this man was in every office he held. Actually, I'm all for it, in a sick, perverted sort of way.

Unbelievably, the conservative think tank Employment Policy Foundation, tried to pass off as reasonable the fact that, although America's production workers rank twelfth in wages out of all industrialized nations, it's okay because the groups achieving higher wages also pay higher taxes. What they, of course, omit is that those taxes are in exchange for universal health coverage, unemployment and disability payments, highly subsidized education through college and widely available and safe child care. So, instead of America's apparent ideal of lower wages and far less benefits, these other nations pay higher wages and provide real government benefits for their citizens. Conservatives should be ashamed of themselves for butchering what was once good in America.

The Pentagon recently admitted that, between 1985 and 1995, they have completely lost $28 billion dollars. That's right! They have absolutely no idea what happened to the money nor, apparently, do they much care. The investigation into the matter was stopped by Republican Senators after only one hour of testimony.

The major problem falling on America is a switch in terms which means the world to those who are trying to destroy what little good about America is left. You and I have slowly ceased being regarded as "citizens of America" and we are now lowered to the level of "American consumers". Citizens are important and must be listened to. Consumers are to be manipulated and their desires exploited rather than satisfied honestly. Just something for those of you with a brain left to think about these things (you Ditto Heads can go back to sleep).

The timber industry has discovered a new way to steal the lumber out of your national forests. Since the areas considered wilderness cannot be clear-cut, the industry's preferred method of harvesting trees, the companies simply had Congress pass the "Community Protection and Hazardous Fuels Reduction Act". This means that the timber companies can cull "predominately" dead and dying wood. The fine print of this ridiculously named law allows them to cut all of the trees necessary to reach the dead and dying ones. The result, of course, is massive clear cutting in the depths of wilderness areas. The law forbids the government from refusing to sell the timber even if the costs of the sale exceed the revenues to the government. In other words, the government must sell protected wilderness area timber to companies even when the government loses money on the deal. I guess honesty and fairness simply don't exist in Corporate America's government.

A bill intended to ban the import of goods produced by child labor was barely passed over the rather silly objections of House Republicans who claimed, in the NY Times, that "it might be expensive for Customs to enforce it". They forget that Customs has a few hundred million dollar budget to interdict the one half of one percent of all of the drugs that they actually catch as it slides through various Customs ports and which could be retargeted to actually do some good in the world by reducing Corporate America's reliance on the sweat of children to make the corporation's insulting profits.

While President Clinton was in Venezuela to tout the "magic of the marketplace" (read his amazing subservience to Corporate America), his limo was pelted with cow manure (you must really hate someone to even pick that stuff up, huh?!?) and the schools he passed were occupied by the military and local police to keep the students and teachers from expressing their opinions on the world's suffering caused by America's one-sided "marketplace". He finally arrived at the school where he was to give his inspiring little speech, a school owned and controlled by Xerox Corp. which was surrounded by military police who beat all citizens who were present but not cheering Clinton's little show. How truly 1960's All-American.

Once again, I'll leave those of you who still have the ability to think for yourself to do so. Isn't it amazing how low this nation has fallen in pursuit of the mighty dollar, particularly when we aren't even sure why save that our low-life leaders told us to do so?

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