Even More Trivia For Those Still Thinking

Here are four questions to begin this issue with:

1) How much do you honestly know about the campaign finance hearings?
2) How much do you know about the current state of the Middle East peace process?
3) How much do you know about the Federal Reserve's current stand on interest rates?
4) How much do you know about the death of Princess Diana?

How about this information? Between 1995-1996, the number of organized KKK and other neo-Nazi groups declined 25% (186 down to 140) but the number of organized skinhead groups shot up 23% in the same period (30-37). It points to a generation of young racists who don't want to be relegated to the older KKK's "status". Oh, by the way, those skinheads have murdered 49 people since 1988.

How many of you folks found it sadly ironic that America worshipped a woman who raised her children on welfare in England (Princess Diana) while, at the same time, expressed its hatred for women who raised their children on welfare in America (Welfare Queens)?

I find comfort in knowing that I'm not the only individual who is attacked by the far, far, far right whenever the excesses of the nasty conservative movement are exposed. While fighting the badly named "tax cut" then before Congress, the one that actually increased taxes for the lower and many middle-class taxpayers while giving tens of thousands of dollars in cuts to the wealthiest Americans, Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers observed that "the overall tax package has to have as its thrust helping middle-class America". This rather mundane but true statement was attacked by that paragon of fairness Newt Gingrich who stated that, "Summers owes every American taxpayer an explanation for his unfair and irrational accusation". A seniors organization, who gained plenty in the tax cuts, complained that (does this sound familiar to my local readers?) Summers was promoting "class warfare" and the "Communist Manifesto". All in all, Summers was simply stating that any tax package must be a fair one that benefitted the middle-class most because the majority of Americans are members of the middle-class. The morons in his area attacked him, not because what he said was wrong but, as is usually the case, because what they were doing was wrong and they hated being exposed as the greedy and selfish groups and individuals that they are.

On that same subject, I just noticed a photo in Newsweek of two racists carrying signs during the integration of Arkansas schools in the 60's. One claims that racism is "the Christian way" and the other that "Race Mixing is Communism". Why is it that those who cannot defend their beliefs seem to always accuse those who can of being Communists? Just wondering.

Food imports have increased 100% since the 1980's while border inspections of food has dropped 50% since 1992. Wonder why we had three serious outbreaks of diseases directly related to uninspected food? Think it will get better? The budget for these inspections have been cut nearly 100% due to NAFTA requirements.

Just watching Monday Night Football. Joe Montana's San Francisco 49ers' jersey was retired with all the fireworks and rousing music of a celebration of someone who had actually done something for the world instead of just throw a football. Did anyone notice the complete absence of coverage of Mother Theresa's funeral?

Jerry Taylor, director of Natural Resource Studies at the Cato Institute, on the president's plan to reduce global warming, "It's the Clinton presidency in a microcosm: an elaborate, well-staged appearance of concern and action utterly lacking substance or merit".

Sara Foer, spokesperson for the American Nurses Association, on how managed care is going to transform the health profession, "In the future your doctor may be a nurse."

Oliver Stone, defending the violence in his movies, "I've been to war, and it's not easy to kill. It's bloody and messy and totally horrifying, and the consequences are serious."

The Wall Street Journal, another of those "liberal" papers that the right cries about, labeled the union leaders during the last UPS strike "Teamster Lords" and even managed to write, without laughing, about "the alleged injustice of part-time work" before finishing off with this liberal statement, "The economic forces that have weakened unions and strengthened the U.S. economy since 1980 continue to move ahead...". Boy, I just hate that darned liberal media, don't you?

Speaking of the Wall Street Journal, last July they praised the makers of beer commercials for making "beer not only benign, but hip". They neglected, of course, the fact that over 80% of all excess drinking problems involve beer. See, those darned liberals are at it again, aren't they?!?

Finally, the convicted criminal Oliver North, who lied to Congress and the American people and, somehow, justified himself to the Republican Party by lying some more, made this amazing statement about Clinton's assurance that American troops will be out of Bosnia by June of 1998, "His word simply does not meet the test of time". I guess, as a long time expert in being unscrupulous, North probably has some faint right to call others a liar, right?!? Okay, I'm done for the moment. Remember, if you have a brain, use it. If not, keep voting a straight party ticket.

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