Trivia, Trivia, Trivia

An administration spokesman, commenting on the harsh conditions and slave-like employment practices of the Northern Mariana Islands, whose ex-governor has been providing Republicans and conservative Democrats all expense paid vacations in order to defend their right to be exempt from all federal labor laws, "It's a lovely place, unless you look behind the barbed wire where the workers live".

Number of people worldwide who die of hunger, malnutrition or related causes yearly - 18 million. (one person dies every 1.8 seconds)

Number the United Nations show are "chronically undernourished" - 800 million.

Number of people worldwide who are illiterate - 885 million.

Percentage who are women - 60%.

Number of people world-wide infected with the HIV/AIDS virus daily - 16,000.

Percentage living on the African continent - 57%.

According to a report by George Skelton in the 12/29/97 issue of the LA Times, California Gov. Pete Wilson (he who so loved Proposition 187, which cut off all public services to illegal immigrants and Proposition 209, which destroyed affirmative action in California) claims it was his adversaries who made these two laws a racial issue and that he and Latinos were the true victims. Aw, poor little Petey! We, your adversaries, are so sorry that your racist laws made you think you're a victim.

Mike Friedman, owner of a Wall Street securities trading firm, "Traders are all compulsive gamblers. If you go to Atlantic City, you get a bad name. But if you stay on Wall Street, you get a good suit, good shoes, you're a VIP." Question..isn't that pretty much the same as with people who steal from 7-11's versus those who steal from S&L's? As in all other aspects of political life, it isn't what you steal but how much.

Loving father Ted Turner, after having laid off his son Ted Turner IV, "My son is now an 'entrepreneur.' That's what you're called when you don't have a job."

Amount Michigan is proposing to spend in 1998 for one-way tickets to any other state for their welfare clients - $1,372,000.

Of the four, 500 lb. bombs lost when the errant Air Force jet crashed in the Rocky Mountains last year which have been recovered - none.

Estimated percentage of North Korea's agricultural population who starved to death in 1997 - 15%.

Per 100,000 population, ratio of Chinese citizens in prison versus the number of American citizens - 2 to 5.

Since 1970, percentage of jobs in the U.S. toy industry still employing Americans - 40%.

Want to know the difference between us and the really wealthy? Tyson Foods Inc. was recently fined $6 million for "unlawfully giving $12,000 in gratuities" to former U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy. These "gratuities" were given to Espy while Tyson Foods had a number of matters before the Agriculture Dept. Now, only the most brain dead would have trouble understanding that what Tyson Foods provided Espy would not be called a "gratuity" if you or I offered it. We would be accused of offering exactly what it really was, a bribe for a government employee and we would be doing extremely serious prison time and not, I assure you, in one of the tennis court prisons where Michael Milken and other wealthy criminals get to go. The difference is, of course, that we haven't contributed millions to either party nor would we have the money for the "legal representation" that these types can easily buy.

Number of state sponsored murders disguised as capital punishment in the U.S. in 1997 - 74 (a 42 year record)

If percentages of twentieth century hold of 2% of all individuals murdered being innocent, number of innocent people murdered by the judicial system in the U.S. in 1997 - 1 to 2 people. Aren't the conservative's "Family Values" simply endearing?

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