Are We Morally Superior To Iraq?

Our leaders have decided that Iraq and its dictator, Saddam Hussein, are one of the major problems the world currently faces. They claim that this dictator, who America armed and supported and carried on a very long term political affair with, must be militarily controlled and all of his weapons of mass destruction uncovered and destroyed. The American leaders state that it is far too dangerous for him to be allowed to own and command the armaments of biological and chemical and atomic weapons.

Why have they decided that Iraq's leader is incapable of being trusted with these horrendous arms? Because they are afraid that he might use them against those nations with which he is at war? Because they are afraid that he might test his chemical capabilities on his own population?

Do we have the right to act quite this superior? I don't think so, personally. Granted, Iraq is a truly dangerous piece of the world puzzle. The reality is, of course, that it is a dangerous place only because the major nations have given Saddam Hussein everything he has needed to produce the chemical and biological and nuclear weapons and are falling all over each other trying to continue the sales of that equipment into the future. America sent him huge amounts of cash with no control whatsoever on its use during the Iran-Iraq War. We allowed him to import, what was then, state-of-the-art computer equipment which we knew could be used in creating the horrific weapons we now are so upset about. Basically, like nearly every dictator of the late twentieth century, we have armed and trained and supplied and encouraged him to follow his madness to his extremes.

While I accept the need to disarm our latest wayward and vile client, I argue that we have no right to the feeling of superiority with which we strut towards the future. In our history, we have violated every moral law which we accuse Iraq of. Consider.

Much has been made of the many villages full of people who have simply disappeared from all current maps of Iraq. Saddam has never denied that he was responsible for the massacre of possibly hundreds of thousands of his population, mostly members of the Kurdish tribes. His army has used poisonous gas and chemical weapons to murder entire towns. The buildings were then razed and the town simply no longer existed.

Perhaps most Americans have forgotten the millions of Native Americans our government either murdered or condoned the killing of. We lied to them, cheated them, stole their home lands, raped them and finally murdered them. In the middle of winter we supplied them with blankets contaminated with small pox, transferred food stuffs promised by treaty that was so old it was crawling with maggots and even poisoned the wells and water holes they used if they refused to move onto the reservations.

Even as late as the 1960's the CIA was spraying New York subways with LSD to determine its affects on the unsuspecting Americans who inhaled it. True to form, of course, the CIA didn't bother to follow up on the effects on these unknowing and involuntary guinea pigs. No one will ever know what damage these tests induced nor how the lives of these Americans were changed by these unwanted chemicals.

We are now certain that Saddam possessed copious supplies of chemical and biological weapons during the so-called Gulf "War". While there is no proof that he used these weapons, our military personnel were still exposed to these agents through the stupidity of their own commanders. For six years, our government knew of these atrocities against our own troops but constantly lied about their culpability and even went so far as to accuse our veterans of making up the still born and mutated babies they conceived and the illness' that the troops and their families suffered. Congress, in its bottomless capacity for half-hearted measures meant to delay without solving issues, have gone so far as to appoint another useless committee to "fact-find" on the problem until the veterans either die or just shut up and go away.

All in all, America simply has no right to try to take the morally superior stance against even the evil which is Saddam Hussein. Let's all remember, gentle readers, that we are the only nation in the history of humanity who have used the ungodly power of the atom bomb on other human beings. I am not damning the use of the weapon for the sole reason of the times but, nevertheless, no other nation has ever found its use necessary ever since.

We, as Americans, must demand that our leaders cease supporting the scum which we happily call "friend" and "ally" until we find some fragile political purpose in seeking their demise. Should America ever actually seize the moral high ground through its actions rather than just its rhetoric then and only then will America approach the greatness it claims to possess but has honestly yet to achieve.

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