The Threat of the Global Economy

Those few folks in America who see black helicopters behind every cloud and their dreaded One World Government forming in every move made by Clinton to protect what little of America's wilderness that isn't being destroyed by Corporate America's bottomless lust for profit have been shaking with fear at the wrong target. Nope, the people in government aren't even intelligent enough to control those who actually agree with their lies to be a problem. In fact, if I knew for a fact that some group of politicians were planning to take over the world, I would sleep soundly knowing that they would, without a doubt, screw it up.

No, if you folks want to have a conspiracy to fret about, which is well on its way to fruition, then look no farther than Corporate America's craving for their fabled "Global Economy". The government will never take over the world, but Corporate America and their brethren world-wide most assuredly are in the process of doing so.

Consider the latest near melt down in the financial markets. While America's SEC (Security Exchange Commission) has developed a relatively strong system in America to protect the integrity of the nation's financial system, no other nation has yet to create a government department of the same strength or vision. Instead, most nations, and particularly the Asian markets which so quickly fell in value, have little in the way of controls.

Therefore, the Asian area's businesses were far over valued and over extended through huge loans against that seemingly high appraisal. Once many factors combined to create an aura where investors began selling off their holdings in these markets, the fall was automatic and, probably, inevitable.

Since so many American investors and mutual funds had invested heavily in these bloated markets, the dramatic drop in market valuations immediately dragged them down and caused what came very close to being a world-wide panic.

Understand, the main purpose of this "Global Economy" is for the sole benefit of these already wealthy investors and the corporations which will only profit from the removal of trade barriers between markets. When investors finally have their Republican minions completely destroy the Capital Gains Tax, then all profit from their speculation becomes tax free. When import tariffs are removed, then products can move from wherever they are produced to wherever the market is.

The removal of tariffs and import taxes and the like certainly sound like benefits for everybody when the gnomes in government talk about it but there is a very dark side to these actions which can only destroy what little is left of the average American's drive toward a piece of the American Dream.

In the past, much of what was made in America was produced here only because it was more expensive to manufacture the product elsewhere, even using children, and then to pay the taxes and tariffs to import it rather than to just produce it in America by well paid American workers. Now, with the fairy tale of the Global Economy creeping into reality, the utopia of using women and children in manufacturing plants in Third World countries for starvation wages in dangerous conditions and the emissions of plenty of legal pollution is coming true. Can't you just see Corporate America slobbering all over themselves in anticipation? And the best part is that, even if these practices disgust you, there will be absolutely no governing entity to try to force into changing the situation. Won't that be a feeling of freedom? No matter what Corporate America wants to do you will have no choice whatsoever but to helplessly watch.

What can you do? Well, first off you can write to your representative and demand that all future economic treaties be based on the fair treatment of workers in America, primarily, and the rest of the world as well. Demand that if Corporate America wants to produce its products by destroying the childhood of the world's youngest an most defenseless citizens, then America will charge taxes and tariffs large enough to make it an unprofitable way to abuse other humans in the pursuit of profit. Demand that all businesses, even those who own the government and its supposedly elected employees, stop the filthy and vulgar destruction of all that should be good about America and the world in order to create even more wealth for the wealthy.

Next, visit the Co-op America site on the internet ( and find out the truth about the evil practices of far too many members of Corporate America. Use this information to change your buying habits to punish those who harm other humans and reward those who provide decent jobs and wages. Then write to the offending organizations and tell them that you will never again purchase their products until they change their ways and that you will be speaking out to all of your friends about this business. Believe me, the only reason these vile groups even still exist is because they do not believe that you care one way or the other. Tell them that you do care and then inflict damage to the only soul they have, their bank accounts. They will either see the errors of their ways or they will quickly become forgotten villains of the past.

Want information but don't have an internet connection? Send a SASE to this paper and I'll be happy to provide you with the businesses to avoid.

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