Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

Many people have read and, for whatever reasons, disagreed or disliked what I say and believe. These moments have led many to ask "Who is this guy, anyway, and what right does he have to say what he does?" Okay, I'll try to explain the basis for some of my philosophy. Perhaps, then, those who cannot find it in their hearts to allow me to be different or to express thoughts not approved by their current batch of "leaders" might just cease torturing themselves through the simple act of no longer reading what I write.

First and foremost, I believe that the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are the most important documents ever written in the entire history of mankind. The inspirational idea that the rights of every human being in a nation are irrevocable is of paramount necessity for the creation of a system of justice equal and advantageous for all. I believe that the rights and freedoms expressed in these documents allowed the creation of America, more so than the other way around.

I do what I do because I am an American. I believe that I have not only the right but the absolute and undeniable duty to speak up on any issue which I feel is being handled carelessly or to speak out against any group or individual who is attempting to impose a tyranny of thought over me or any other citizen of this nation.

I believe that the poorest method of showing love for your country is the blind act of unquestioned patriotism. I will always call my nation, its leaders and its citizens to account for all things, that is my duty as an American. To follow any group or ideology thoughtlessly and without challenge is to create a fertile ground for the world's fascists. To demand that I do so because the act of openly demanding change makes you uncomfortable is a demand I happily ignore.

I refuse to follow any political party. The current unfortunate habit of blindly and unthinkingly following the dictates of any other person's or group's biases and petty political motivations is a truly scary phenomena and one which undermines everything I once admired and respected about America.

I participated in an unjust and stupid war thousands of miles from my home while in the U.S. Marines. I earned medals for bravery and duty "above and beyond", as well as a Purple Heart. These were mine at the cost of many innocent lives and thirty years of nightmares. Upon my return, I concluded that the horrors that I perpetrated and engaged in and witnessed must not be forgotten. The evil which is war and which unleashes itself within those who engage in it must, when recognized and reversed, become the foundation for something far greater than the mere actor who played the role.

My goal became one of constant vigilance towards that government which had replaced those lofty ethics that our founders originally honored with the greed, selfishness and base, spineless garbage which is today's politicians and politics. That experience taught me a truly priceless lesson; leaders are human, mostly vile and hungry only for power but, on very rare occasions, progressive and kind. Sadly for America, the individuals who have made themselves available for our highest offices have, ever since that time, proven to be either lacking or half- witted or outright evil. We have not found that one leader who will guide us into our future as opposed to the present bellowing pack who can point only backwards or at each other.

I have no choice but to write because I am heart broken knowing that the vast majority of the evils and horrors abounding in this country are of our own making. Knowing that my nation allows millions of innocent children to be frightened or hungry or cold or sick for any reason whatsoever is an abomination before my God. Seeing the forgotten and rejected men and women who defended my nation huddling in the doorways of abandoned buildings and churches is painful beyond words for those who honor their sacrifices. The sad knowledge that our elderly are eating food meant for dogs and cats because they can afford nothing better is far beyond the bounds of acceptable to anyone's God. And the most horrifying knowledge of all is that it is all completely preventable through the mere act of America's greedy becoming slightly more intelligent than the lowest animals who, at the very least, know how much is enough and desire no more.

This, then, is who I am. This is why I write. I do wish that the anger within at the stupidities around me could be better controlled. I am trying, though mostly unsuccessfully. You may not like what I have said. That cannot be helped nor, honestly, do I much care. I despise the inequalities in America and the world that the Right fights so hard to legitimize and the Left hasn't the sense or leadership to change. No one wants to be poor or disabled or homeless, the rantings and accusations of the Gingrichs and Reagans and Limbaughs and all the rest aside. We can be a far, far better people than we are. We must strive to achieve dignity for all or for none. Anything less dishonors America.

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