I Changed My Mind! Forget You Saw This!

I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have been faithful readers of this column for the nearly three years it has been written. Your support and kind words have been what has kept me going throughout the years. I also want to thank Dale and Lorraine Kay for their unflagging support and encouragement. Their love of the freedoms which this nation bestows upon its citizens and, in particular, their championing of the First Amendment to the Constitution has provided a forum for all who wish to avail themselves of the opportunity to speak out. They are truly rare individuals and this area should be sincerely thankful for their presence.

I also want to say good-bye to my readers. I will no longer be writing for publication in the Advocate newspaper.

I began this column hoping to provide the information that the local media as well as the national media will not bring you. The fabricated silliness of the "Liberal Media" has been shattered for everyone whose brain is unobstructed by the lies and half-truths that pass for information in the last decades of the twentieth century.

I felt that there was a desperate need for facts and compiled information that was simply unavailable anywhere else. I believed that the majority of Americans were far more interested in these truths than in the self serving lies distributed by every politician, no matter what party they represent. I believed that the majority of Americans wanted to know information which they, themselves, may not have the time or opportunity to collect and consider.

I have found, incredibly, that there is a very spiteful and hate filled minority out there who abhors the idea of the open spread of information. They viciously attack anyone who dares to express an opinion which is different from their own. This fascist attitude is used to shout down or shut up or simply disgust anyone who actually uses their mind for something other than a repository for slogans and bumper sticker nonsense.

I have, from nearly the first week of this column, received vile and obscene hate mail and even messages on my answering machine. Since they were relatively rare I decided that it was most likely just a couple of unhappy and lonely little people who had little to do but make life miserable for others. The reason I have chosen to cease writing locally is that the nastiness of the far right has increased dramatically. I receive truly obscene messages signed by such silly little people as "a TRUE AMERICAN" (his capitals) and (get this) "A Republican who sits at the RIGHT hand of God". These people are obviously sick and in need of help but that isn't the aim of my life or my writings. I have become weary of trying to add a voice to what should have been the national debate but has become, instead, just the far right screaming childish insults at the top of their lungs in hopes that everyone else will just go away and let them drag America down into the sewer of selfishness and greed and divisiveness that they so admire.

If nothing else, though, I am in good company. The far right has spent hundreds of millions of your tax dollars and years of unproductive time hoping that some of the filth they fabricate against the President will stick but find that only the conservative media seems to care. Six years after they started their attacks, not one charge has ever been filed against him and his approval ratings are higher than any President in the last twenty years and the Republicans are becoming the world's laughingstock for their efforts. It would be funny if it wasn't so very sad.

I will not stop reporting about what is wrong in this nation, however. I will continue to write for my web site and, perhaps, for a newsletter for those without access to the internet if there appears to be enough interest. Those Americans who want information should have access to it but without the constant background drone of those who detest free debate in a free society. I will happily provide that information but I am simply tired of the unnecessary and immature abuse when I do it for all.

Again, I thank you all for your support. If you would like me to begin a newsletter, write to me in care of this paper or e-mail me at jcannon@concentric.net.

Good luck to all of you. With the nasty political atmosphere out there, I'm afraid you'll need it.

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Copyright 3/6/98