An Obscene Attack On The First Amendment

In every nation where the freedoms of its citizens are under attack, one of the first methods employed by those who would impose tyrannical rule is the subjugation of independent thought. To force a nation's people to stop thinking and discussing and debating is one of the surest ways for a fascist to gain a firm footing over a nation's spirit. Without the right to speak out and to be heard or the right to hear viewpoints other than those espoused by the media and their masters, no community can long survive with their freedoms intact.

In a nation such as America, which was founded on the very principle of free speech, those employing any tactics which undermines that right are attacking the basic tenets of our democracy. The most deceitful form of intellectual repression in America is always done in the name of patriotism and some sick and perverted love of America. This gives the repressor some mental image of themselves as the true saviors of their diseased view of what America should stand for.

Sadly, America is quickly sinking into the sewer of repression which some few in this nation would prefer to a world where ideas other than their own are available to be heard and discussed. President Bush labeled anyone who disagreed with his demand that we kill Iraqis over oil "un-American" during a nationally televised speech and little was heard of from those who were aghast at this horrific and truly un-American statement. U.S. Senators can state that the defeat of campaign finance reform is a victory for "God-fearing, constitutional Americans" and no one speaks out against these attacks on decent government.

Tragically, when individuals do speak out against the belligerent few who would sacrifice all of our precious freedoms in order to gain even more wealth and power for themselves or their masters, then monsters crawl out from under their rocks just long enough to vent their evil assaults on those who would demand open debate on all topics which affect our nation. Amazingly, the few who would try to lower all of us to their level seldom share in the plunder of their masters and leaders. It seems enough for them simply to have the opportunity to attack and try to intimidate anyone possessing what they so obviously lack - an intellect capable of free thought.

Even in this small area east of the Sierras such trash exists. This writer has been the object of weeks of messages left on my machine which truly are nearly an art form of obscenity and even lower themselves to threaten my life unless I stop writing. Calling themselves "A True American" and (my favorite), "A Republican Who Sits At The Right Hand Of God" (my capitals taken from his stressing the words), these animals leave filthy and hate filled messages where my children or wife could easily be forced to listen to them. Understandably, of course, none of them have ever shown the courage to leave their names. They certainly prove the adage, "Anonymity is the cloak of the coward."

It should be obvious to anyone who knows me that I cannot and will not succumb to the demands of those too cowardly to even identify themselves. I not only have the right but the duty to express my distaste for what so easily passes for ethical government in America. Until this nation remembers that it is a nation of people, not corporations or defense contractors or politicians, I must continue to remind those still capable of listening and thinking that we are being lied to and misled on a national basis.

Should these individuals actually have a discernible and intelligible thought, they have the same right as I to express themselves openly to all so that their ideas can be debated and included in the debate if warranted or discarded if needed. To try to frighten someone into silence worked for the fascists in Nazi Germany but must not be allowed to succeed in America.

I highly recommend that all of my readers find and understand the words which allow the freedoms of this nation to exist. Ask your librarian for copies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Both are also easily found on the internet, as well as at your local schools. Without an understanding of exactly what these documents offer each American, we will continue to allow our children to grow up believing in their constitutional right to the "pursuit of wealth" or that we must give up some of our rights in order to continue the long ago lost war on Americans who use drugs other than the ones society wants to keep legal for their own use.

If you aren't aware of your rights, there are those who will happily take them from you and then call you un-American if you protest. You cannot regain lost freedoms, you must fight to retain those you have. Someday you will have to answer to your children when they ask whose side you were on during the war against America's freedoms. It is, as always, your choice.

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Copyright 3/6/98