Tax Reform For Idiots

Ah, but the stupidity in Congress is not only continuing but is nearing the level of outright insanity. The newest target in the blurry sights of this bungling group of government welfare sponges? The IRS.

Now, believe me when I say that the IRS is second only to Congress in my personal list of useless and damaging federal departments. Having been audited and, thus, graced with the opportunity to actually hear an IRS representative say, "We agree that all of your deductions are legal but we are choosing to disallow them, nevertheless.", I am basically in favor of nearly any attempt to corral these thugs and to grossly limit their power to ruin the lives of honest Americans who find themselves forced to swim in the IRS cesspool.

I have written extensively on the many suggestions that I and others have offered to make the tax code not only fair but understandable to the average citizen. I have written against those flaky bumper sticker proposals like Steve Forbes' Flat Tax (where only those who earn a paycheck would have to pay taxes) and the Value Added Tax or National Sales Tax (where the poorer you are the larger the portion of your meager earnings will go towards taxes) because most of the alternatives offered are just more welfare for the rich. I have offered the possibility of re-enacting the minimum tax which would force the wealthy and most corporations to resume sharing our tax burden. I have offered the idea that most corporate tax breaks are only the result of owning congressmen and were never intended to increase employment or product value, only profits.

Well, to paraphrase a silly old man who insulted everyone's intelligence during a presidential debate, "There they go again." Congress, that band of idiots who constantly proclaim their inability to control themselves without passing more and more laws to force themselves to act with even a semblance of intelligence, is at it again.

You'll remember the inane debate over a constitutional amendment intended to force Congress into passing only balanced budgets? The reasoning being, apparently, that these children in three-piece suits were incapable of doing what they stated was, fiscally, absolutely necessary unless they first deformed the constitution into their bizarre idea of a financial leash. The idea was silly then and it remains silly today. If they cannot behave in a rational and responsible manner, they need very quickly to admit that to the nation and then just go home and allow us the opportunity to find some representatives who will behave sensibly.

Since Congress cannot dream of actually enacting legislation which is important without being forced to, they now have decided to force themselves to "reform" our current tax system. How, one who still enjoys exercising their brain might ask, do they intend to accomplish this feat? Why, by passing a law this session which puts a sunset clause on all federal tax code as of the year 2001. That's right, folks, as of January 1, 2001, there will be no tax code, no IRS, no revenue to our government, nothing. Nothing, that is, unless these imbeciles can pass an entirely new set of tax codes in the meantime.

Now, let's think very seriously about what this new code, if any, might look like. Do you honestly believe that the breaks currently available to the average citizen will remain? Do you think the mortgage deduction or child-care deduction or the like will remain in any form. If you answered yes, might you also be interested in a used boat that might be for sale called the Titanic?

We all know, unless you are of the "I vote a straight party ticket" variety of brain dead individual, that any new tax code will primarily benefit only those who own their own congressman. Corporate America will undoubtedly be given the same wonderful opportunity to write their own tax laws that the Republican Congress gave the nation's largest polluters when Corporate America was allowed to write what was laughingly called the "Clean Air and Water Act of 1995". If you believe that the tax laws are nearly completely slanted towards the wealthy in the current code, guess what will happen when Congress has only three years to write an entirely new code? Better still, guess how much back scratching will go on that you won't hear about because those who investigate the actions of Congress will only have the same three years to ferret out the bribes and pay back which will cost you, as the only remaining source of federal revenue, dearly, year after year.

I agree completely that the current code is fatally flawed but demand that any revisions that are suggested be given to the American voters to thoroughly scrutinized long before any action is taken. To put an artificial time limit on the debate is suicide for those of us who will be forced into making up the difference between what the wealthy pay now and what they will never again pay should Congress get away with this, their newest welfare scheme. If they are incapable of acting reasonably, then it's time to bring in some adults to do the job.

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