What You Don't Know About the Paula Jones "Case"

Here's an interesting bit of trivia that I bet you didn't know. While the name is the "Paula Jones Legal Fund" and it has collected over $250,000 in contributions purportedly for her legal defense, the "Fund" is actually a for-profit, sole proprietorship run by Susan Carpenter-McMillan. This "Legal Fund" has been used for, according to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, purchasing Jones a personal home computer, merchandise at Nordstrom's, appointments at various beauty salons, a membership to a health club and to board her dog, Mitzy, in a kennel.

Susan Carpenter-McMillan, Paula Jones' latest spokesperson and the reason her original legal team quit, is an interesting celebrity, as well. Having failed repeatedly at founding conservative organizations out of her home, she was, for a time, the chief spokesperson for the Right to Life League of Southern California and the president of the state chapter of Feminists for Life. After organizing some gruesome dog and pony shows for the media which included pictures of dead fetuses displayed on busy city streets and, later, making personal appearances on right wing talk shows to denounce all groups who advocate not only abortion but even those who wish to instruct our children about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, it was revealed that she, herself, had undergone two abortions, one at the same time she was the spokesperson for the Right to Life League. Explaining that she had forced the memories down and no longer even remembered them, she had no answer when asked about her statement at a recent conservative luncheon that the events were "a searing experience I will never be able to forget".

Also, as this column reported in an earlier article, the attorneys who are now representing Paula Jones are from the conservative Rutherford Institute. This institute, which proclaims that it exists to defend religious freedoms from government interference, was unable to honestly answer the question as to why they are involved in so obviously a secular dispute as the issues which Paula Jones' case raise.

John W. Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, is author of the book "The Second American Revolution", an instruction book for fundamentalists which describes how Christians can take over the government and force their beliefs on the rest of the nation. His foundation also continues to distribute the so-called "Clinton Chronicle" videos. These videos, created by the Rev. Jerry Fallwell, accuse Clinton of everything from drug and gun running to cocaine abuse and corruption and even murder. Employing amazingly easily refutable lies and innuendoes to prove their charges (charges which even the ultimate Clinton hater, Kenneth Starr, ignores) has caused nearly all leading conservatives to shy away from being associated with such overt ultra-conservative propaganda.

Now, while I am certain that Bill Clinton is far from even attaining the level of an "average" President, this entire case reeks of the hate and nastiness which covers the far right movement. It seems that they and their conservatively controlled media will stop at nothing, including perjury, to soil the reputation of the man who embarrassed the entire Republican Party by trouncing their idolized candidates in 1992 and again in 1996.

The reality is that Paula Jones has repeatedly lied about her past, claiming that she had never posed for nude photos ( photos which ran repeatedly in Penthouse when discovered) and that she was sexually naive when the alleged harassment took place (even though her own family states that she proudly proclaimed that she had slept with 15 men before she turned 17).

Her legal defense fund is run by a conservative celebrity wannabe and the fund which claims to be for legal uses is only for profit. This same person is also a proven liar and hypocrite who is attempting to use Jones as a vehicle to greater stardom amongst her own sorry kind. Her legal team comes from an religious-based institute which distributes a slanderous and completely false video whose only purpose is to inflame the small minds who believe Fallwell and his kind to be the direct spokesmen for God and whose foundation's statement of purpose should completely bar them from being in any way involved with the case.

So, what do we have? Everyone prominently involved with the prosecution of this case, from Paula Jones to her legal team to her spokesperson, are admitted liars and perjurers and hypocrites. This is the entire support team for what has become, in many narrow minds, the proof that Clinton is evil and immoral. Of course, people with the closed minds necessary to believe that this group has any intent but ridiculing the President will believe anything, anyway. Sadly, these people tend to vote more often than the folks who use their mind for something other than receptacles for right wing bumper sticker slogans. Hence, the Republican "Revolution".

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Copyright 3/20/98