What Liberals and Conservatives Have Given America

I got to thinking recently, wondering why so-called "liberals" are so hated by the right wing conservatives. Was there something actually evil about these "liberals"? Were they, as it seemed to be implied, the Anti-Christ?

I decided to look into exactly what programs the liberals of the last forty years have supported as opposed to those our make believe political saviors, the conservatives, have supported. I think, if you still have a mind to open, you will find these lists interesting and informative.

Let's begin with programs brought to you by those horrid liberals.

Those nasty lefties have brought you Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, minimum wage, the 40 hour work week, consumer protection laws, child labor laws, welfare for the poor, food stamps, school lunch programs, Civil Rights legislation, Affirmative Action, pressure to respect human rights worldwide, the original GI Bill, the Veteran's Administration, various Clean Air & Water Acts (not written by the polluters themselves until the Republican "revolution"), worker's health and safety laws, anti-discrimination laws (pertaining to sex, nationality, color, disabilities, age, religion, etc., etc.), laws regulating airlines and trucking and savings and loans and banks and phones and utilities, Truth in Lending regulations, the Freedom of Information Act, the Brown Act requiring (among other beneficial things usually ignored by local school boards) all government meetings to be open to the public, the Family Leave Act, tax-free IRA's, most existing national parks and wilderness areas, protection of endangered species, NASA and Americans walking on the moon, constant support for the separation of church and state and the First Amendment, every campaign finance limitation law since 1950, support for worker's rights to organize, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), the National Endowment for the Arts, windfall taxes on profits from price fixing and consumer gouging by oil companies, support for equal rights for all women and the control of their bodies left to them, mandatory installation of safety belts and air bags and ABS and higher fuel economy in all autos sold in the U.S., the Center for Disease Control, minimum taxes on the wealthy and corporations, renter's tax credits in California, the list goes on and on but I think you get the idea.

Now let's look at the gifts the conservatives have shared with America.

Any such list must begin with the massive transfer of tax dollars from your pocket into the pockets of Corporate America, Dan Quayle, Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Pat Robertson, both Huffingtons (the weenie and the meanie), Pat Buchannon, David Duke, Richard Nixon, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Pete Wilson (whoever he is pretending to be this election cycle), Oliver North, the Religious Right (which is neither), the Freemen, Proposition 209, the Willie Horton ads (attacking a Democratic state governor for the incumbent Republican President's policies), 245 dead U.S. Marines in Lebanon, thousands of dead civilians in Panama, hundreds of thousands of dead civilians in Iraq, the utter destruction of all programs intended to assist the nation's poorest so that the nation's upper-class can gain further tax cuts, anti-pollution laws written by America's largest polluters, efforts to "privatize" (read sold to the largest contributor) Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, give away treaties like NAFTA, GATT, the WTO (all three devised by Reagan, continued by Bush and enacted by the ultra-conservative Clinton), Grenada, Iran- and Iraq-gates, the desire for the government to invade every woman's privacy with anti-abortion laws while suppressing sex education and AIDS education and attempting to legislate their silly morality on everyone but themselves, attempting to allow Corporate America to legally steal the retirement funds of their employees, zero support for eliminating the bribing of government officials in the form of campaign contributions, attempts to force religion into government through school vouchers and prayer and all of the other trappings of a state sponsored religion that our founding fathers hated about England, illegally funding cocaine dealing criminals while arming known terrorist nations and transferring huge amounts of cash which broke hundreds of federal laws while destroying (or stealing by hiding in Fawn Hall's panty hose) federal documents in an attempt to cover up their actions, de-regulation in all of its putrid disguises which has already cost Americans billions upon billions of dollars and uncountable lives lost, anti-union laws misnamed "right to work laws", the repeal or elimination of worker's health and safety laws and the inspectors who insured compliance, the glorification of wealth and ridiculing of teachers and scientists, again, the list is nearly endless and gets more and more depressing as it goes on.

I suppose, given the facts, that those who can no longer think for themselves will continue to support hate and divisiveness and racism and making the lives of the poor and disabled and elderly as difficult as possible. The rest of America will eventually awaken from this long, Nazi-like nightmare and begin to take America back to the greatness and kindness it was just beginning to enjoy until the 1980 election began our shameful slide into meanness and greed.

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