Trivia 103

Oh, but you're going to love these.

After witnessing the harm that NAFTA and GATT have done to the American worker and America's economic future, our idiotic government is now negotiating what is known as the MAI or the Multilateral Agreement in Investments. This nasty little piece of Global Welfare will allow any corporation anywhere in the world to sue the American or any individual state's government to overturn any law that any corporation, anywhere in the world, believes limits its ability to make whatever profit it feels it deserves. Simply stated, your vote on any issue could easily be overturned simply if some corporation decided it wasn't as wealthy as it wanted to be and your taxes would have to be used to defend the American government from this assault. Want to know something possibly even stranger than the fact that anyone might think this idea is acceptable? How about the fact that very few Senators contacted by the Alliance for Democracy have even heard about the provision although nearly every Republican reported that they had every intention of voting for the agreement when it is offered. Is there still any doubt as to just exactly who owns the Republican party and where their loyalties lie?

Want to know of another truly harmful and self serving issue that has become dear to the heart of the Republican party? They are pushing a bill, H.R. 1625, which would complete the party's 20 year effort to completely remove the voice of the American worker and organized labor from any future debates in America. Forcing unions to get yearly approval from each of their individual members before engaging in any "support of political, social or charitable causes or many other non-collective bargaining activities", this garbage will have the happy Nazi-like effect of tying up the union's funds in just the record keeping and various efforts to seek and explain the programs organized labor needs to support. Grover Norquist, a sycophant of that slave of Corporate America, Newt Gingrich, and coordinator in the effort to push this nasty and exclusive measure through as many state legislatures as possible while America continues its political slumber in order to keep America's workers from impeding the Republican effort to completely sell out America to their corporate masters, wants to force America's unions to spend their money and efforts fighting just to retain their constitutional right to speak out against the Republican fire sale of your rights. It's solely up to you if they get away with this or not, you know. Write to your favorite corporate slave and tell them of your opposition to this sort of vile measure. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the sale of your freedoms to the highest bidders.

Want to know what America's drug manufacturers do with all the products that have gone past their expiration date or have lost their labels or have illegible labels or are simply tested and found chemically corrupted? Well, what you do is send them off to Bosnia and suck up the tax deductions for these "contributions" while avoiding having to pay the tens of millions of dollars it would cost to legally dispose of these worthless medicines. In fact, the 17,000 tons of truly "bad drugs" that were sent to Bosnia in the last couple of years saved the industry over $34 million it would have cost to incinerate them. That cost has now been handed over to the World Health Organization and, by extension, the American taxpayer since we provide the vast majority of that agency's budget. Once again, Corporate America takes a happy swan dive into the American taxpayer's pocket and no one seems to notice but me and, now, you.

One last fun issue. The USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture) has been talking a lot about the new rules they have developed for labeling food as organic. Want to know what these geniuses have decided will constitute "organic"? How about food which was irradiated (passed through a nuclear radiation chamber to supposedly kill bacteria), food grown with fertilizers containing toxic chemicals and heavy metals and decomposed diseased animal carcasses, food fertilized with processed human sewage, bio-engineered food, food sprayed with pesticides which the FDA will "authorize" (read pesticides whose manufacturers buy a Congressman of their very own) and even chemically processed foods which pass a truly amazingly uncontrollable series of requirements. Basically, if it can be grown and the right Congressman bought, the food can carry the "organic" label with whatever passes for pride in 1998 America.

Well, I hope you have found all of this a bit more instructive than the garbage that the media provides every day exposing yet another unfounded and never to be proven accusation about the private economic and sexual experiences of the President. Of course, the problem is that so many small minded and poorly educated Americans actually think these lies are important while completely being unable to understand what this Congress and the President is doing to Americans every single day. Maybe the day will come when the average American will demand actual news over the childish tripe that so enthralls them these days. Maybe, but it doesn't look good for the country so far.

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