The Misuse of Words

Words! How often we use them but how easily and ignorantly we allow them to be abused. When we use them in our daily conversations, we expect them to always maintain their meanings in order to assure ourselves that we understand one another. When the lower forms of life, such as politicians, use words they seem to delight in destroying the word's original definition in an attempt to invent meanings that are as vaporous as possible. In this way, they have the ability to deny responsibility for their actions by simply claiming that they were misunderstood. Thus, politicians can confuse and confound any attempt by an intelligent person to force them into defending their mean and nasty actions.

Let's begin with that most gaseous of phrases, "Family Values". Taken at face value, these words would seem to indicate some positive definition of what an average family might value in the moral or spiritual realms. Of course, as is always the case when politicians open their mouths, this isn't the definition they intend. Instead, their definition is kept in a fluid state in which whatever they are either for or against can be measured against their momentary interpretation of the term. In this manner, these clowns can claim, with a straight face, that the drugs which they personally use (such as the massive amounts of toxic alcohol and nicotine they, themselves, consume) are "pro-family values" but destroying the lives of otherwise decent and honest Americans who use "immoral" drugs is justifiable and not "anti-family values". In the same convoluted way, they can claim that allowing Christian (but never Islamic or Buddhist or Native American or New Age) prayer in our public and, per the Constitution, secular schools is "pro-family values" but the open classroom discussion of other forms of religion is "anti-family values". The demand that abortion be illegal and control of women's bodies taken over by government is somehow "pro-family values" while providing the factual information regarding the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases through the use of birth control methods is somehow "anti-family values". Again, in the same way, the fantasy of creationism can be forced on thinking people while evolution, which has volumes of proof to support it, is demeaned as "anti-family values".

Another of the words these simpletons enjoy warping is "Reform". Whatever program they do not like must be "reformed" but whatever programs benefit their wealthy masters must not be "attacked in a partisan manner". In this way, they can smile while claiming that America's poor and elderly and children are a drag on the American taxpayer and demand that every program which might benefit these evil consortiums be "Reformed" (and easily find plenty of ignorant, salivating morons to "Ditto" their agreement) while seeing none of the stupidity of crying that the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars being wasted by Corporate America and the so-called defense industry must never be decreased, only increased without debate or investigation of need. In the same inane manner, these buffoons can try to justify selling out the last benefits for real Americans, Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and the like, by calling for their "privatization", which is only a sleazy term which actually means selling out the rights of the people who depend on these programs to Corporate America and Wall Street, the owners of the Republican party and co-owners of the Democrats.

Finally, "campaign reform" (Oops! There's that "reform" word, again) cannot be accomplished because the politicians believe that it would interfere with valuable First Amendment rights. By this they mean that everyone, no matter how rich or how poverty stricken, must retain their constitutional right to donate millions of dollars in the time honored tradition of buying all of the governmental representation one can afford. Also, since the sick conservative minds on the Supreme Court have somehow distorted constitutional reality so that Corporate America now has the same rights as actual human beings, even business can claim to possess the right to own their very own politician and, sadly, to do so extremely openly and without the least sign of embarrassment over the great shame such evil reflects on every honest American.

I suppose the saddest part of the misuse of the language is the ease with which politicians can twist the seldom used minds of so many Americans into accepting the nebulous definitions of their new terms and to convince these same children to repeat these terms as if they understood what they meant. America has become only an echo of the mean and vile terms the politicians invented in order to do great harm to real Americans while giving everything that America could once be proud of to Corporate America. When Americans begin to use their minds again, the "Republican Revolution" wil be immediately assigned a place in history alongside the Nazis and Stalin's Communists and every American who ever supported this evil will ask the nation for forgiveness. I, for one, am not holding my breath, though.

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Copyright 5/3/98