Trivia 105

I just love providing information on just how inane some of our ridiculous representatives can stoop. It is always, at the very least, good for a chuckle.

The latest in amazing jokes that one of them is busy forcing on intelligent people was explained by Mark Peck, an assistant to Rep. Michael Pappas (Republican, NJ), who is actually wasting taxpayer's money trying to convince the population of one of the townships within his boss' district to change its name. What is the name that this idiot is so upset about? It's called Clinton, New Jersey. What does this silly person want to replace that name with? Why, since he has proven that he isn't very intelligent to begin with, he offers final proof by demanding they rename it "Reagan Township". In a way, though, that makes a perverted kind of sense since New Jersey is among the most polluted and politically corrupt states this nation should be deeply ashamed of (and has, by the by, a Republican governor in love with the same polluters). What a fitting tribute to the president that happily assisted Corporate America in their headlong rush to destroy the environment in pursuit of only money. A filthy place for a filthy presidency.

What were the reactions of the people who live in Clinton, New Jersey to this bit of political stupidity? They ranged from, "What is wrong with that party?" to "I doubt that he will still be commuting to Washington after the next election" to my favorite, "I'd rather see it renamed Adolph Hitler Township. At least we could be somewhat proud of that name!" I can't really add anything to that last gentleman's statement.

The April 27 issue of Newsweek carried a truly mind boggling "My Turn" commentary titled "Pirates in Tuxedos" by a Mr. Fred M. Collier. In this rather amazing rant, Collier explains why he hates the Killer Whales who live in the waters around Alaska. Going so far as to hang a stuffed toy orca in his boat's wheelhouse and describing gleefully how he has stuck a knife through the doll and turn's the blade "for luck" whenever he passes, Collier blames everything wrong in his occupation on their mere presence. He then describes fishing with four mile long, single line gear with literally hundreds of squid baited hooks he drags behind his boat. The basic point of his rather pointless writing was that these Killer Whales, who have existed in these waters for tens of millions of years before his arrival, are somehow interfering with his right to fish in their homes. The only advice someone like this could be offered is that he finds another profession where any species that might interfere with his efforts have already been driven into extinction. That way he can pretend that mankind truly does have the right to harm other animals in the ungodly pursuit of wealth.

Corporate America, this time in the semblance of Apple Computing Company, has again outdone itself in the area of kneeling before swine in the unswerving pursuit of profit before morality. Frightened that an ad which carried the image of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet who was forced to flee due to the invasion and virtual destruction of his nation by China, has pulled the ads because, "We did not want to offend anyone". Never mind that hundreds of thousands of Tibetans have been murdered or driven into exile by the brutal regime set up by China nor that China has Congress echoing their lie that the Tibetan people "invited" the Chinese army in, Apple fears losing business sales far more than they honor morals. Of course, Corporate America and it's related "Global Economy" prefers the stability of murderous regimes to the variables of a free nation any day. Makes me wonder if Nike, Inc. owns stock in Apple since Nike has carried on a long love affair with any brutal dictator who allowed them to exploit their citizens for profit.

Finally, in a last gasp hope of removing the worker's voice completely from the political process, the proponents of the right's newest abomination, Prop. 226, is following the GOP's time honored methods of lying and misleading in order to victimize California's voters. They are now stooping so low as to mail official looking letters which are filled with lies and contradictions claiming that most every ill America faces is somehow caused by organized labor. Sadly, since so few Californians still seem to have the ability to think for themselves and are easily led by anyone with a message of hatred for those few still representing the average American, this filth will probably be passed.

I hope I never understand why so many Americans rush to support the vile actions of the right which are meant solely to cripple the political power of the average American. I hope I never find myself so ignorant as to believe that the Republican right cares one whit for anyone but the wealthy. To believe that is to openly admit to never honestly watching what the Republicans are doing in the first place.

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