Trivia 106

For those who desperately love what the Bible, itself, describes as the root of all evil but can convince themselves that it isn't hypocritical to damn the sexual escapades of others, Mother Jones magazine produced some information which might help you get a life.

They compared five economic and trust factors regarding Presidents (since FDR) who were alleged to have conducted affairs while in office as opposed to those who were thought to have remained faithful. The first, whom we'll call the "Sexual Adventurers", included Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton. The latter, whom we'll call the "Sexually Pure", included Truman, Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush.

The first comparison, regarding the average annual increase in GNP (constant dollars), showed a 2.17% increase for the Sexually Pure but a 7.34% increase for the Sexual Adventurers.

Next, the average annual changes in national debt as percentage of GNP (constant dollars) showed a 2.08% increase for the Pure and 2.50% for the Adventurers.

The average annual change in unemployment was 0.19% for the Pure but 1.65% for the Adventurers.

An important figure for all Americans, the average annual change in median family income, showed only a 1.6% increase for the Pure but a 3.1% increase for the Adventurers.

Finally, the percentage of Americans who trust the federal government to do the right thing "most of the time" or "just about always" showed a huge gap of 39.7% for the Pure but 50.2% for the Adventurers.

What this indicates is that the Presidents who may or may not have been faithful provided the average American with far smaller increases in income and the nation in GNP while barely keeping the national debt and unemployment lower. The Adventurers led America into positive financial growth and were given far higher marks for trust than the Pure Presidents.

Just imagine how wonderful our economy might be if our President were to simply outright party with every woman in America?

I think this whole fiasco shows only that American's who whine about the President's sex life might utilize their time in a far more positive fashion and go get themselves a life of their own.

To change the subject, just because the Republic of Texas' week long standoff last year failed miserably doesn't apparently keep the whakos from trying again. David Johnson, former leader of the Republic of Texas, has now founded his next attempt at leaving the United States called Texas: A Righteous Nation Under God. As the only secessionist movement with a subtitle, he plans a Texas National Constitution with four branches; executive, judicial, legislative and religious. Claiming a membership of over 144,000, he has attempted to establish diplomatic relations with both Mexico and Israel. I can't think of anything to add to this that wouldn't be redundant.

Kenneth Starr, that corrupt attack dog of the far right, has now been expose as the liar that all thinking people have long regarded him. Working for General Motors in the early 1980's, Starr convinced a GM engineer to lie under oath and to cover up documents exposing fire prone fuel tanks. Starr went on to file numerous motions in various courts in an attempt to continue to keep the documents out of court records until he was finally charged with obstruction of justice in South Carolina. This low life is now in charge of the four year biased attack on the President and First Lady. Sadly, Starr acts as if he still has a shred of honor left during his inane and failure laden defilement of many innocent people. Attorney General Janet Reno promised to investigate the charges after the Department of Justice finishes reviewing the vast array of charges brought against Starr by nearly all of the people he has crudely attacked while in the employ of the religious and fanatical right.

Finally, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that a Flat or National Sales Tax would put over 96% of the nation's federal tax burden on the middle and lower class tax payers. The wealthy would be able to pay nothing at all in Flat Taxes by the simple expedient of taking all income in stock options or physical perks (cars, homes, boats, etc.), none of which would be considered "Income" . Under the National Sales Tax, they would simply have their corporation make all of their daily purchases which would not be considered income to them and would also be deductible to the corporation. Either way, you will pay far more than you do now while receiving far less from your vaunted "Small Government". Do you still support these silly ideas?

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