A Small Defense

Well, I seem to have written an article about something besides religion that produced a truly amazing negative response. In fact, even me sainted mother had a few words for me about the subject.

The topic which irritated so many was a detailed examination of what the Democrats and the Republicans have each given to America in the last four or five decades. I spent nearly a month researching this article before writing about my findings. I even diligently perused sites such as the Heritage Foundation's (where the half-truths and misleading statistics made it difficult to find anything of substance) and even the Republican Party's home page which consists of very little of any essence.

What angered so many (including my mother) was that, basically, nearly every benefit that we are blessed with as citizens have had their origination from the progressive left. I could find absolutely none, not one program that was of advantage to the middle-class or the poor that was born within the ranks of the right. I could find many, many instances of the Republican party moving with great force to undo the programs of the left or, as in the case of welfare, to add so many regulations that it was nearly impossible to leave the system which resulted in the right demonizing the program into near oblivion.

Even now, the right is providing not a single program or proposal which serves any class but the wealthy. They pass bogus "across the board" tax cuts that even their own Congressional Office of Management and Budget warned was another immense gift for the top 2% of tax payers and another burden for the bottom 20%. They want to "privatize" nearly all government services from the weather service to air traffic control all the way to tax collection even though every experiment with privatizing government services have been abysmal failures. They have continually tried mightily to legislate their own personal morality on the rest of the nation's citizens without bothering with unnecessary debates in open congressional sessions. They have been quite successful in convincing the average American that organized labor doesn't represent the worker as well as the kind gentlemen in their Corporate office suites.

I guess what bothered so many was less that I had written the piece than the fact that there was truly very little to rebut about the facts used. I think most were angry that the party which they support has, upon close examination, done very little for them as workers or citizens or even as individuals.

The accusations of "liberal" and "Commie" and all of that other distracting nonsense has all been very interesting, of course. I have sadly found that there are far too many in the Republican party who are desperate to negatively label anyone who offers information that refutes the right's policies. For some strange reason, the truly honorable term "liberal" has become their favorite insult but, as I have often mentioned, look up both conservative and liberal in the dictionary and I think that the conservatives will be anxious to find another term to describe themselves.

In any event, the sad reality is that the progressive left has been responsible for nearly every decent movement in America for many, many years while the conservative right has kept themselves busy in an orgy of destroying those movements and greedily amassing fortunes at the expense of the average American.

I do not support either of the major parties for the simple reason that they are completely and utterly bought and sold by the wealthy in America and elsewhere as well as kneeling in subjugation to Corporate America and their lunatic idea of Utopia, the Global Economy. I believe that neither have any interest whatsoever in the average American since we can't afford their political purchase price.

In general, I can only answer the fellow who e-mailed me that I "scared" him because I thought that all good things come from the left with the answer that, yes, I believe that. I also believe that the right has to focus on Clinton's sex life in hopes of belittling him since he hasn't sold arms to terrorists nor has he allowed drugs to be sold on America's streets in order to support unconstitutional wars as the right's heroes have. Clinton is far from a decent President for America but he is, at least, far better and far more benevolent than anything that the right has produced in the last half a decade. I suppose the only advice I can offer to those who were offended by that article is to stop blindly following either party and to actually research the truth of anyone they choose to vote for. Otherwise, please don't blame me when the idiocy of your actions are pointed out to you.

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