Again, the Lie of the "Liberal Media"

Let's revisit the now completely discredited notion of the "Liberal Media". As I have documented repeatedly, nearly all media is now owned, operated and/or is beholden to large Corporate American conglomerates or extremely wealthy right wing individuals. I have pointed out, to those with enough sense to listen, that even on the purely political TV programs, those who are supposed to be representing a moderate or liberal viewpoint are among the worst offenders at sucking at the Corporate Welfare teat.

Now, thanks to Carl Jensen's extremely informative and extremely frightening book "20 Years of Censored News", there is even more overwhelming evidence that not only is the media in the hands of the Right and the Far Right but also that the news you receive has been completely cleansed of any information which might prove even minimally embarrassing to their owners.

Citing the book "The Media Monopoly" by Ben Bagdikian, an expert on the media and its history, he shows that in 1982 only 50 corporations owned half or more of all American media. The number of owners had dropped dramatically by 1986 to only 29. Only six months later, the total had again dropped to only 26. The fifth edition of Mr. Bagdikian's book reveals that the number has again diminished to only ten huge corporations owning nearly 90% of all forms of media. The ten are Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corporation Limited (Rupert Murdoch), Sony, TeleCommunications, Inc., Seagram (TV movies Cable, books and music), Westinghouse, Gannett, and General Electric.

Consider also that in 1986, Bagdikian disclosed that of 1700 newspapers, 98% were local monopolies and fewer than 15 corporations controlled the majority of the nation's circulation. Also consider that those 1700 newspapers are now far fewer due to the purchase and closing of many of America's newspapers with the intent of increasing the monopoly status of those remaining.

Even in the realm of books and magazines, the corporations are controlling what you can read or who publishes what information. In 1987, fewer than a dozen corporations controlled all hard back and paperback sales in America. Magazines fared even worse as the few remaining voices for the moderates and liberals were pushed out of business or bought outright by the same mega-corporate communications giants. The few that remain in 1998 are faced with increasing costs of production that doesn't affect the corporation's publishing arms due to their ability to buy in such huge quantities from suppliers also owned by the same corporations. Magazines such as Z and Mother Jones must constantly seek financial support in order to continue publication while the Right's publications have the financial backing of mammoth funding from its Corporate American owners and their so-called "Think Tank" organizations such as the Heritage Foundation.

When these corporate giants purchase the media, all truth becomes irrelevant. Consider the San Jose Mercury News' story regarding the Contra-CIA's trafficking in drugs. Gary Webb, one of the paper's lead investigative reporters, disclosed this horror and the massive damage it inflicted on the inner-cities where the drugs were sold, in a three part series titled "Dark Alliance". Using the Freedom of Information Act (a huge asset to Americans but nearly impotent due to governmental interference), newly declassified federal reports, court testimony and interviews, Webb proved that both Reagan and Bush were fully involved, with not only the running of drugs from Central and South America into America's cities, but also that both were fully informed of and active in the Iran/Contra guns for hostages fiasco. (For further research into the series, please go to the San Jose Mercury News site. Read the preface by the executive editor of San Jose Mercury News as well for a grand example of propaganda style negation of truth. Sadly, this link disappeared when the paper was sold to Gannet.)

Of course, other papers, such as the LA Times, the Washington Post, the New York Times and even the executive editor of the Mercury News made a feeble effort to discredit the stories by quoting CIA spokesmen who explained that the CIA had conducted an internal investigation" which proved that nothing like this had ever occurred which, as any thinking person would see is like asking O.J. Simpson to investigate himself and then using his results as fact.

To show just how far the Right will go to cover up their evils, Webb was removed from his investigative reporting position and transferred to Cupertino, just west of San Jose, and given "local color" stories to write, instead.

Gentle readers, those in America who parrot the stupidity of the menace of the "Liberal Media" have simply ceased using their minds for anything but a repository for the lies and bumper sticker slogans of the Far Right. The Liberal Media does not exist. Period! It is a lie meant to make the masses no longer trust anyone, which clears the way for the fascists in the Republican Party to lead America by the nose down into the hell that 20th century conservatism represents. The left and progressives in America are shut out of the debate and replaced by conservatives who pretend to be liberals and moderates but who tremble with fear whenever the Right acts as if they possess any facts whatsoever. If America were again allowed to hear the reason from the Left, the Right would become the historical oddity it deserves to be.

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Copyright 9/5/98