Just a Few Reasons Why I Write

Want to know why I write about the world with the bias I show with every sentence? Want to know why calling me names isn't as important to me as it seems to be to the nastier members of the far right? Well, I've finally decided to reveal to all the exact reasons for it all.

Because there is absolutely nothing more valuable nor precious than a child.

Because I believe that the adults of each generation are accountable to the next generation not only in how we treat them as they mature but in the world we leave them.

Because I believe that we are responsible for the well-being of our fellow man and women without judging them by vaporous "religious" standards we, ourselves, can't meet.

Because the greed and hatred that has taken over the American psyche since 1980 is dragging us down as a nation, both spiritually and politically.

Because the simpler and more useless abilities in life, like putting a ball into a hoop half of the time or hitting a thrown ball in one out of four opportunities, is more respected and far more highly rewarded than those who dedicate their lives to teaching our children, giving them the tools necessary for their and our future.

Because the value of human life can be reduced at any time that our leaders have a playground hissy fit which results in sending our children off to fight a war to settle these petty, unnecessary disputes.

Because the workers of the nation pay the price whenever the executives of America's corporations make stupid or greedy decisions.

Because the people we elect to uphold the U.S. Constitution are desperate to destroy its main doctrine and create a state mandated religion.

Because, while millions of America's children go hungry every day, our representatives waste their time debating whether or not to change our Constitution and make it illegal to burn some colored cloth.

Because our government sells the means to make weapons of mass destruction to nations which cannot even treat their own citizens humanely let alone be trusted with the lives of the other billions of humans on earth.

Because money to be made from the most horrendous dictators is more important than spreading the freedoms we take for granted.

Because less than half of the Americans who are eligible actually take advantage of the supremely important right to vote yet feel they have the right to complain about the government the rest of the nation elects.

Because the labor of the citizens of America is held as less important than the very, very few who gain more and more wealth by the toil of those many.

Because the right to own guns is held by some as far more important than the right for our children to attend school or to play without fear of being killed or crippled by errant shells.

Because some believe that they have the right to harm another because of the color of their skin or the place of their birth or even whom someone else loves and sleeps with.

Because our "leaders" can be purchased by the producers of one of the most murderous drugs on earth, nicotine, while spending untold billions of our tax dollars arresting and prosecuting and imprisoning individuals who partake of another drug that has never been proven to have killed even one person, marijuana.

Because people can proclaim themselves Christians at the same time that they try to out shout more intelligent people with the contemptible chant "Greed is good" and while also profanely and viciously attacking anyone who disagrees.

Because the right has gained control of whatever debate remains in America while the progressive left has been unable to gain the nation's attention and to put forth a vision which would benefit the average American.

Because draft dodging actors like Sylvester Stallone are determining what the discussion will include concerning what embodies masculine behavior in society through their ridiculous "action movies".

Because prisons have become a truly profitable "industry" in Corporate America's evolution of America's dark future.

Because, finally, in a land a rich as this nation is, the corporately owned media not only ignores but also belittles those left behind and homeless in Corporate America's rush towards their Global Economy.

This, gentle readers, is but a small part of why I must be constantly alert and involved in reporting on the Hell that our leaders wish to force upon America. The path we follow must be changed and the costs as well as the rewards of being American must be shared by everyone and every business. The average American must wrest control of our nation away from those few who have bought America's soul and disposed of it in the filth and trash of the far right's political machine.

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