Scary Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Okay, time to scare the snot out of all you. The following is factual, but I'll bet than less than one tenth of one percent of the American people are in any way aware of it. If you are worrying about some ethereal group stealing your constitutional liberties away, you're looking in the wrong place. Fear your government, particularly when it run by a right wing group of fascist fanatics.

According to "Project Censored", a national research project founded in 1976 by Carl Jensen of Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park CA, Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12291 on Feb. 17, 1981, without any public notice or Congressional debate. This order created a framework for presidential control of all rule making in all federal departments. Under this order, the president can and did nullify any act of Congress by the simple expedient of claiming that the law is "too costly". By manipulating the so-called "cost-benefit principles", the White House was suddenly apart and above the powers granted the executive branch by the Constitution and in direct violation of the doctrine of separation of powers.

By 1983, Reagan had virtually eliminated most of the important safety monitoring and regulations around America's nuclear power plants. Both the Nuclear Regulatory Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency were ordered to cease this monitoring and to cease enforcing many safety related regulations as the president's director of the budget office had deemed their continued functions "too costly" to be allowed to continue.

The 1996 catastrophe of the Valujet DC-9 which crashed in the Florida Everglades west of Miami, killing all 110 people on board was just another victim of Reagan's executive order. J. M. Del Balzo, acting administrator of the National Transportation Administration, wrote to the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board refusing to implement the NTSB's safety rules ordering certain measures meant to lessen the possibility of fires on board America's commercial airliners. Two of those rules were intended to require all aircraft to no longer carry explosive or flammable material in their holds and to require all airlines to install fire suppression systems in the cargo holds of their aircraft. The excuse given for his refusal to carry out these orders were, you guessed it, it was "too costly". Perhaps Mr. Del Balzo could be convinced to meet with the families and friends of these 110 dead human beings and explain what he considers to be "too costly" at this point.

The most frightening part of all of this? By the middle of 1998, not one American commercial or private aircraft has been fitted with any form of fire suppression systems in their holds and the practice of carrying explosive and flammable material has increased per airline mile.

In 1984, Reagan signed, again without any notice or public debate, "Circular A-122 - Cost Principles for Nonprofit Organizations" which banned all organizations which "seeks to influence...the determination of public policy" from participating in any federal on-the-job charity drives. I'll allow you to think about the scope of a policy such as this. Consider an anti-smoking organization which might ask the government to cease tax payer supported subsidies of the tobacco industry. Maybe a group which asks that the government cease spraying poisons over our cities and on unsuspecting Americans. The list is endless but the damage is far worse to the American freedoms.

Finally, in January of 1985, again without any public notice or debate, Reagan signed Executive Order 12498. This order was one of the most anti-constitutional orders ever enacted in America. It not only further empowered the executive office with the power to nullify Congress' actions as well as all other government departments by strengthening the cost-benefit analysis provisions but it went further by also completely removing all First Amendment rights from all federal employees by giving the White House the right to suppress, review, control and/or approve any agency activity which "may influence, anticipate, or could lead to the commencement of rule-making proceedings at a later date". By reading this in new and inventive ways, it has been used to force employees to allow the White House to edit every speech, book, article or memo for the REST OF THAT PERSON'S LIFE!!!!!!! Because I served in the U.S. Marines Corps, I could literally be forced to submit each and every article I write for their approval, which, given that I investigate and expose the Right's many, many excesses I doubt very seriously if even one word would be approved.

This Bolshevik style order has been used to even change just one word in a presentation given to the government by James Hansen, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies who concluded that the increase in droughts and storms are "clearly" a result of the greenhouse effect. Reagan's lackeys forced him to substitute the word "probably" by demanding that the research be corrupted "for conformity with administration policy".

This last order strips the power to regulate or even amass data from all agencies charged with the protection of the American people. By doing so, the American people are damaged by omission of facts and probably even murdered through the forced inaction of the very government officials charged with your protection. The American public mistakes no news for good news and just keeps voting Republican rather than discovering for themselves that the vast majority of danger is a direct result of Corporate America's servants covering up the massive damages and dangers caused in the name of bigger profits or just because they can.

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