Some Results of the Contra/CIA Drug Running

I wonder how many Americans are aware that most of the individuals who were involved in the Contra/CIA drug running operation were banned from Costa Rica for eternity. That's right, according to Carl Jensen and "Project Censored", one of the few remaining truly democratic nations in Central America that our leaders haven't yet destroyed over vaporous policy issues convened a Congressional panel which investigated and accused Oliver North, former National Security Advisor John Poindexter, former Ambassador to Costa Rica Lewis Tambs, Major General Richard Secord and former CIA station chief in Costa Rica Joseph Fernandez of creating and running a major drug operation using the Costa Rican ranch of expatriate John Hull for the benefit of Contra rebels in Nicaragua. This all occurred in 1989. Despite a lengthy report by Associated Press services, not one major newspaper has devoted a word to the story. Only the Washington Post and the Miami Herald deigned to include the news in their "News in Brief" sections, neither giving much import to the news.

Now, consider the immensity of this situation. Our own President, Vice President and Congress made futile and obvious attempts to completely cover up the entire episode. The U.S. papers and major TV and radio outlets refused to even cover this part while pretty much providing fairy tale reasoning as to why the drug story had even arisen (including that wondrous insanity of the "Liberal Media" is out to get poor old dottering Ronnie Reagan and George Bush). Bush even as much as admitted the guilt of himself and those around him by shamefully and completely pardoning everyone connected to the fiasco completely just days before leaving office.

Did any of this cause any problems for old Ollie North? Of course not, not in Reagan's America. He went on to lose a truly nastily fought Senate campaign to Democrat Charles Robb in Virginia. He then began a career as a talk show host whose ignorance of facts and reality made Rush Limbaugh appear intelligent and reasonable. A U.S. News & World Report story examined his finances and found that he had received $1.7 million in speaking fees and was worth a reported $3 million. North even founded Guardian Technologies, a producer of body armor, with the disgraced former CIA station chief, Joseph Fernandez. I'm happy to report, though, that when North and Fernandez took their company public, the value of their stocks fell from their opening of $6.50 to approximately only $.70 within a few months.

If you would like to see exactly what right wing garbage Ollie is spouting these days, you can access that "information" on the web on Ollie's web page.

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