Two HUGE Reasons Never to Vote Republican

Want a bit of irony to start your heart? The "Welfare Reform" punishment Congress inflicted on the poor is going to make Corporate Welfare sponges even richer while adding to America's growing unemployment problem and casting even more Americans onto the Welfare rolls. Corporate Welfare abusers such as Lockheed Martin IMS, Anderson Consulting, EDS, Unisys and IBM have been given the opportunity to bid on taking over the administration of various state's welfare programs. These companies have already gleefully explained that they will show a profit from this by the simple expedient of firing all state workers (who are mostly well paid union members with decent benefits) and replacing them with low paid, seasonal or part-time employees who would receive zero benefits or job security, as well as making the act of receiving any welfare funds nearly impossible for the needy and then the corporations greedily pocketing the difference.

These same companies have all gorged themselves at the Corporate Welfare trough by, among other programs, taking hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid to create jobs but, instead, only pocketing the money and laying off tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans and moving much of their work overseas.

So, what all of this adds up to is that the same companies that steal your tax dollars while laying off Americans and hiring Third World children are now going to be made even wealthier by controlling the purse strings for those who most need America's assistance and support, in many instances the very same people that were fired in order to trade decent jobs for slave wage jobs. Doesn't any of this matter to the few remaining Americans who haven't converted to the religion of greed, selfishness and registered as a Republican?

Want to know another excellent reason to never vote for another Republican? How about the filth working its way through the Senate after having already been passed by those child haters in the House and known now as bill S.10. This garbage, going under the completely misleading name "Violent and Repeat Juvenile Offender Act of 1997" is supposed to be seen as another of the Right's misguided moves towards appearing tough on crime. Instead, it will only destroy decades of improvements in the area of juvenile crime prevention and punishment.

Pretending to be an important bill for reasons other than just being another Republican attack on America's youth, this bill would allow children as young as 13 to be housed in the same cells as violent adult criminals at both the state and federal prison levels.

The Rights conveniently ignores the inhumanity and danger of this stupidity. It also disregards numerous well documented studies showing that children held in adult facilities commit another crime 30% more often than those housed in strictly juvenile systems. It also fails to acknowledge the facts that children held with adults are five times more likely to be sexually assaulted, twice as likely to be beaten by the very staff meant to protect them and are 50% more likely to be attacked with a weapon than children in the juvenile system. They ignore the fact that, in 1994, 45 juveniles died while in adult facilities; 12 by murder, 16 by suicide and 16 whose cause of death has never been explained.

Finally, the Right wants you believe that there is some imaginary explosion of "super predators" among our children while refusing to acknowledge that between 1982 and 1992 juvenile crime increased a measly one half of one percent! In fact, according to USA Today, the number of students reporting being victims of crime in 1995 was 4.2% of respondents Compare that to the 1989 poll when it was just .8% less at 3.4%. Even the Associated Press admitted that youth crime had been declining since 1994 (but, for reasons known only to themselves, headlined the story with "Violent Crime in School on the Rise" but never showed any information to prove that).

America's juvenile justice system, once a model for many developing nations, was founded on the premise that children are still able to be reformed and rehabilitated. In fact, when prevention is the primary element, rather than simple punitive methods meant to make those lovers of punishment from the Right happy, juvenile crime nearly always shows a decrease within months of first enactment. Simply put, gentle readers, this bill is only meant to satisfy the animal urges of the capital punishment loving crowd and the many from the Right who could care less about decreasing any juvenile crime rate but who are deeply in love with building and filling as many prisons as possible with your children but not, of course, their own, who can afford the best lawyers and the best justice money can buy.

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Copyright 9/5/98