The Show That Buried The Myth Of The "Liberal" Media

What a truly sad episode. ABC News and their evening news' talking head Peter Jennings created a story this evening titled "Dangerous World: The Kennedy Years", another excellent example that once again shows the lie that is the "Liberal Media".

This silly little show uses, over and over, individuals with their voices electronically altered and their faces hidden in darkness. This, I suppose, is television's answer to an "unidentified source". These individuals go on and on with unsubstantiated charges and innuendoes supposedly linking President Kennedy with any number of Mafia dons who then supposedly rigged the 1960 election so that Kennedy would win. These unidentified individuals also make many, many accusations about his sex life which, as is the case with Clinton, has nothing to do with being President but rather allows these moral midgets to testify self-righteously about some imagined moral problems they, personally, invented. Not once in the first 35 minutes has any actual proof, letters or phone or voice recordings or whatever, been produced.

Folks, ABC is the Disney owned channel and, believe me, they are far, far to the right of anything that Kennedy ever stood for. Their attacks on the legacy of this man has, at its base, the intention of smearing another great man who supported a progressive, liberal, inclusive agenda which benefited the majority of Americans rather than just the conservative's wealthy owners.

Having attempted to distract the nation's attention away from the vile little moral dwarves who occupied the White House from 1980 to 1992 by attacking the current President, the Far Right is now trying to destroy the memory of a President who the nation still loves and respects. Using such phrases as "I believe that" and "I was told that" and "we all knew" (without explaining who 'we all' might be) and "it was common knowledge" and other conditional statements that are obviously meant to shield each person from repercussions when their tales are proven lies or distortions. So far, not one of the allegations has been proven in any way save if you take the word of the speaker.

By including speculation about Kennedy's relationship with Marilyn Monroe, a relationship long known and completely picked over by the buzzards in the media, the show tries, through even more "it was believed" and the like, that he was directly involved in her death. Somehow, the fact that Kennedy did not make any public statement about her death is used to prove that he was responsible. So very sad.

This campaign to destroy the memory of John F. Kennedy has as the ultimate proof of its intent in the incident when some retired secret service agent claims that Kennedy was addicted to amphetamines but never is any proof of that statement shown, even though that allegation is repeated two more times during the program. The word of any secret service agent assigned to any president has forever been put in doubt though the actions of the agent who guarded Clinton and who, after resigning, wrote a book full of easily debunked lies and half-truths and which has since been pulled from the shelves of stores because of those falsehoods. Of course, it should go without saying that the publishing company which put out that obscenity was owned by the Heritage Foundation, the Far Right think tank that has never even had a passing acquaintance with the idea of truth or fairness.

Now that PBS has become the mouthpiece of Corporate America, it finds itself completely unable to investigate and report on any conservative politician or conservative cause. Republicans, who have been embarrassed over and over by PBS investigations uncovering their filthy little schemes, have finally been able to silence that independent voice of truth. Their first desire, to simply close PBS down, was quickly shown by the public to be the stupidity it was. Their next attack consisted of simply cutting further and further into their budget while enacting legislation which allowed PBS to solicit financial support from the very corporations that PBS had historically investigated. Now, full blown commercials extolling the virtues of whatever member of Corporate America hands out the funds for each presentation are shown on nearly every program PBS produces. Americans lost any hope for honest reporting when they failed to speak out against the commercialization of the only channel not dedicated to profit and wealth but, rather, was dedicated to providing unsullied information to the thinking public.

The idea of truth ever again finding itself in the halls of ABC or PBS is now dead and buried. Peter Jennings reputation of at least appearing intelligent and unbiased, is also now deceased and forgotten. Anyone who ever again repeats the silliness of any form of a "Liberal Media" still existing is an idiot or a conservative. But, forgive me, I repeat myself.

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Copyright 10/2/98