Partisan Hypocrites

America has been gifted with new definitions for the words "hypocrite" and "con man" and "charlatan" today (9/18/98). In a blatant display of pure stupidity and outright disregard for any level of intelligent fairness, the same Republicans who voted yesterday to release the video tape of Clinton's testimony before the Starr Chamber (a.k.a. the Grand Jury), as well as voting for the release of that soft porn Starr report, are now outraged that their own sexual exploits are being bared before the American people.

Unbelievably, the very clowns who have allowed over $40 million of your tax dollars to be completely wasted in their vile and childish inquisition against the President (who has embarrassed every candidate that these little conservatives have sacrificed during presidential elections) are now trying to act as if turn about isn't fair play. In other words, they want to be allowed to destroy the life and marriage and administration of President Clinton and to make America the laughingstock of the world but when their own histories are exposed to the public then they cry and whine about "fairness".

They are even demanding that the FBI be dragged in to determine who might be exposing their little secrets to a yawning public but, you can rest assured, that any investigation will face the same fate as their immature little inquest into illegal Democratic campaign fund raising where they would not allow any witness to discuss the many, many instances of Republican influence peddling and outright sales of their conservative, insignificant souls to the tobacco industry and HMOs and every other dominion of Corporate America who could afford their openly displayed price tags.

Who are the accusers who now have to defend themselves against the same personal attacks they have spent the last four years leveling against the President? Well, so far we can count that political rectum itch Rep. Dan Burton, who will always be known for his remark that "Clinton is a scumbag" in regards to the President's sex life and Burton's slobbering attacks on the same campaign laws that Republicans have ignored during the last two election cycles but had nothing to fear since he refused to allow Republican crimes to be investigated. Burton has now admitted to not only having an affair while he was married but this illicit union resulted in a child being born to the poor woman he cheated with.

Another miscreant who has been forced into admitting his true "Family Values" beliefs was Rep. Henry Hyde, the nasty little gnome who will be, as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, in charge of any impeachment attempt against the President. He, too, had an illicit affair which destroyed the family of the woman he slept with. His attitude about this vile information coming out at the same time that he wants to disgrace the President over the same predicament that he, himself, indulged in? "The statute of limitations has long passed on my youthful indiscretions." Yeah, right! As one of those who are trying so mightily to force his brand of religion down the nation's throat he should try very hard to remember the words of Christ when he told the mob "He who is without sin, throw the first stone." Then, as now, not one person could truthfully throw that stone but, as usual, politics allows these vile little hypocrites to spout all of the scripture they want while doing the very opposite at every opportunity and still be assured of re-election by voters who can name everyone on "Friends" but can't remember more than two or three words of the Constitution (those three words being "and", "the" and "a".).

Finally, we have a basic nobody in Rep. Helen Chenoweth of Idaho. Another of the Right's "true believers", she, too, wants America to be stained with her false "Family Values" while she expects us to ignore the reality of her transgressions as she and her comrades try to distract America by pointing at the President's actions as being somehow different than their own. This from a person who accepted the endorsement of a white supremacist newspaper, received unsecured bank loans and received lucrative land deals all from her wealthiest contributors.

Gentle readers we are witnessing one of the lowest points in America's history. Not only is the Republican Party giving this nation some of the nastiest and most biased "investigations" since the Christians burned innocent men and women at the stake for the fantasy crime of "witchcraft" (it wasn't called a witch hunt for nothing) but the conservative media acts like the loyal dog at the feet of their masters and cooperates in blinding the public to the fact that while this horror show has been going on Congress has completely ignored every other crisis occurring around the world. Try finding a voter anywhere who can describe the historical and current events that have led up to the financial confusion going on in Asia or Russia or South America. Inquire of most Americans about the invasion and subjugation of East Timor and the murder of millions of innocents and try not to stare at the droll dribbling from the corner of their mouths as their brain locks up. Ask nearly anyone about the billions of your tax dollars America is using to prop up the paper wealth of the wealthiest citizens of the world through the International Monetary Fund and check out the blank stares. Question just about anybody regarding their views on the deregulation of the energy industry and the massive costs which the consumer must pay in order that business can get cheaper electricity and I doubt very seriously if they will be able to form even the most basic of opinions other than the bumper sticker slogans they have been fed for the last few years. Ask them, however, about the color of "The Dress" of Monica Lewinski and they will proudly answer "Blue" as if they have finally gotten hold of some form of information that matters to the future of this planet. This is the saddest of commentaries on the disgraceful state that the Republicans and their media bosses have led our once slightly less nasty nation into. They have been able to slither their false and repulsive version of "Family Values" into the minds of the unthinking public while, at the same time, dragging this nation down into the same sewer from which their politicians have emerged.

Do I sound completely fed up? Do you detect just the slightest disgust with the American voters who allow these clowns to be anywhere near the halls of this country's power? Does it seem like I may be promoting the concept that anyone who votes for any Republican should be immediately neutered and thus removed from the possibility of damaging the gene pool further forever? If you answered yes to the above, then you've been listening closely.

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