Trivia 115

Let's look at just a few of the childish things that your representatives have been up to, shall we? We shall!

We'll begin with the supreme example of pure stupidity and the false "morals" of these nimrods. On Sept. 16 of this year, your representatives voted to not only release the entire contents of that filthy little pornographic "Starr Report" from the grand jury but to also put the entire report on the Internet. On Sept. 17, these exact same clowns then tried to once again pass their little moralistic "Child On-Line Protection Act" which, under other titles, has been termed unconstitutional three times so far by the Supreme Court. In other words, gentle readers, Congress has placed on the Internet, for all to see including the very young, explicit accounts of the sexual acts between the President and Monica Lewinski and, out of the other side of their puckered little mouths, they tried to enact legislation that would put every single one of them in prison for having done so. Wait a minute! Why don't the Democrats and the President let them pass this law, then have the FBI arrest every single one of those who voted to release the report on the Internet for distributing pornography? Kills two birds with one stone? Let these lovers of new prisons and harsh sentencing a taste of their own poison? Let these fat little pols have the pleasure of meeting their "husbands" in their cells? Something to think about, don't you agree?

Congress is also once again trying to slip a national ID card through the legislative process with as little fanfare as possible. While this blatant attack on American's personal privacy isn't altogether new, the latest movement is most frightening. Now that the government has acclimated the public to the notion through the development of a national database of sexual offenders and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (don't you just love that name?), they apparently believe that the next step should be much easier to slip under the notice of most Americans. Furthermore, while the Right whines and cries about "State's Rights" and getting the government off your back and the like, they want to force all of the states to pay for and maintain their portion of the national ID system. This would also be the very first time that your physical description, in the form of a photograph, is mandated to accompany your Social Security Number, an open invitation to many, many forms of theft and fraud. All in all, the very idea of the government having such privacy invading information on every single American citizen is anathema to everything our founders envisioned for this nation.

Instead of attempting to further impose their moralistic religious opinions and unconstitutional invasions of our lives and bodies, perhaps the Congress would be far better served offering a helping hand to those nations still firmly in the grasp of the Stone Age and to those struggling democracies like Russia which, if its attempts fail, can only mean another possibility of world-wide nuclear destruction. Yeah, right! As they say, sex sells and reality bites and our Congress is far in the vanguard of that backward movement.

From the files of "Should We Be Happy It Ain't Us?", a recent article in the Wall Street Journal stated, "Some CEOs who got big stock-option grants last year are facing huge paper losses as stock prices sink". Okay, give me a minute to control my tears.

Remember when I told you about the government's changing how the CPI (Consumer Price Index) was figured? Well, it seems that only those who truly needed an increase in the COLAs (cost of living adjustments) will be hurt by the change. Those wealthy enough to have a substantial investment in Treasury bonds won't have to worry since Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin claimed that any decrease in the CPI, on which the value of the bonds are based, would be a "breach of contract" with the holders so they will continue to receive the true CPI . Why labor and the elderly, whose incomes are often based on the CPI, aren't affected by this same "breach of contract" wasn't discussed at the meeting.

Finally, do you know where Osama bin Laden acquired most of his training, weapons and financial support? Why, from America and the CIA, of course. President Clinton has now claimed Laden was responsible for the recent terrorist bombings in Africa but did you ever learn of our past involvement with him? When we were "covertly" assisting the fundamentalist anti-Soviet mujahedeen, bin Laden was supplied with truly advanced military weapons which, of course, we never bothered to reclaim. Suddenly, we are reaping what any intelligent person would have foretold, a dedicated fundamentalist Muslim has taken the weaponry and aimed it at what every fundamentalist Muslim believes to be "The Great Satan", America. Is there any indication that our leaders have learned anything from the past stupidities? Do whales poop in the woods?

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