The Hunger In America That You Never Hear About

Think all of the talk of the wonderful economy might actually contain some bad news? Some very bad news? Well, you're right, of course. While the conservative media expounds on the lowest unemployment in decades (easy to do when you cook the data to suit your purposes) and the fastest growing economy since 1985 in our nation's history (if you happen to be among the top 20% in wealth), the vast majority of America has seen very little of that growth or reaped any of its hypothetical benefits.

Consider these truly sad facts which the conservative media ignores completely:

1) The disparity in incomes between the top and bottom 20% of Americans is the widest in the industrialized world. The top 20% earn 8.9 times more than the bottom 20% and the top 2% earns nearly 200 times as much as the bottom 20%. This is equal to countries known for being corrupt and uncaring to their poorest citizens such as Kenya, Honduras and is actually twice the disparity of nations such as Japan, India, Bangladesh and Rwanda. As is usual when the wealthy own a nation's government, we are truly not in respectable company.
2) The number of Americans who go hungry every day is larger than the total number of people in the Middle East and Northern Africa who experience daily hunger COMBINED!
3) America has always refused to sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which was adapted by the vast majority of the United Nations members. This agreement consisted of agreements requiring all signature nations to provide a minimum level of social and economic rights, among them the right to be provided with enough food to prevent hunger. The basic reason we have never agreed to this declaration is summed up by the government official who stated that "Welfare Reform" could never have been passed since it forces so many Americans into grinding poverty and daily hunger while, once again, increasing the funds available for Corporate Welfare.
4) The wealthiest 1% in America own more than the bottom 92%. This inequity has been exasperated by this Congress and its push for far less social assistance for Americans and larger and more widely offered assistance for Corporate America's movement overseas.

While America tries to hide and ignore the poor and the children who go hungry for some part of every month, the media screams about how good we are supposed to think we have it. It is a constant lie but only those who want to know the truth will ever find it.

While Sally Struthers goes on and on about hunger in the Third World our government is kneeling before their wealthy masters and creating a nation where hunger doesn't seem to exist only because their media helps to hide the evidence and distracts the masses with inane sitcoms and imitation "news" shows which reports only on insignificant celebrities and the immaterial sexual life of the President. While the talking heads of TV repeat the government's lies directly from their TelePrompTer, cities pass laws to prevent the offering of food or even assistance to the homeless as a tactic to make those in need move further away where the city's comfortable citizens don't have to face the reality of the results of whom they voted for. While our churches try to influence Congress by making huge donations in hopes of forcing their narrow-minded beliefs and prejudices on all Americans, children experience hunger by the tens of millions. Finally, while children live in constant fear from hunger and homelessness, idiots can actually impersonate human beings and claim "Greed is good!"

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Copyright 10/2/98