Trivia 117

If you get frustrated trying to investigate the voting records or past performance or who owns them (campaign contributors) and more of a candidate you are interested in, there is an unbelievable place to find the answers that the Conservative Media refuses to provide. It is called Project Vote Smart and they are aligned with no party or political philosophy. You can reach them in numerous ways but the easiest is by mail at: Project Vote Smart, 129 NW 4th Street, Suite 204, Corvallis, OR, 97330 or by phone at: 1-800-622-SMART (7627) or at their web site at: . These folks provide this amazing service absolutely FREE because their staff are volunteers. Once you have seen just how valuable these folks are to thinking and caring Americans you can then become a member. I highly recommend that all of you go check this wonderful folks out.

Now for some miscellaneous information provided just to get your blood boiling.

Number of blacks in California prisons for every black in the state university system?


Number of Hispanics in California prisons for every Hispanic in the State's university system?


Amount increase in the budgets for California's schools?


Amount increase in the budget for the prison system in California?


Increase in salaries for California's state employees?

Increase in salaries for prison guards?

Annual pay for instructors at state universities?

$32,000 - $37,000

Annual pay for prison guards?


Decrease in violent crime in California?


Amount of your tax dollars given to McDonalds to advertise overseas.


Amount of your tax dollars given to Disney for the same reason ?


Estimated amount of direct Corporate Welfare your tax dollars will provide over the next five years?


Amount that lobbyists for oil, chemical and insurance companies ordered their minions in Congress to make you pay for clean-ups which they were legally responsible for?


Cost of Congress' 1996 capital gains tax cut that you will have to make up through your personal taxes?


Tax breaks written by Congress to enrich only the Archer Daniels Midland Corp.?

$3.2 Billion a year.

Total cost to you to pay for Corporate America's advertising overseas?

Over $6.2 BILLION a year.

What you see here is $370,040,190,000.00 (that's 370 billion 40 million one hundred ninety thousand dollars) that you and the rest of America's honest taxpayers must pay every year just to make up for these outrageous examples of Corporate Welfare (and these are only some of the programs your Congress has gifted Corporate America with). Now compare that to the $72 Billion (one-fifth or 20% of Corporate Welfare) that America once spent to help our poorest citizens and you can see exactly where the heart of a conservative is buried.

Are you one of those who still won't vote because you think that your one vote won't matter? Consider this, the total number of votes in 12 districts that allowed the Republicans to win control of the House of Representatives - 14,775. That's right, less than fifteen thousand votes gave the Nazi Right control of the House of Representatives. That averages out to only about one thousand votes per district that would have allowed America to at least slow its decent into political madness. It should prove to all that you can make a difference. If you vote and can convince just one or two others to do the same then we all stand a very good chance of taming this out of control monster of a government.

To be even more specific, Jon Fox won the 13th district in Pennsylvania by only 100 votes, J.D. Hayworth won the 6th Arizona district by less than 1% of the votes cast and Anne Northup won the 3rd Kentucky district by just 1300 votes.

This November you must convince as many of your friends and neighbors as possible to vote against the radical Right's degrading and depressing agenda for America. Start today by volunteering to help get out the vote or offering transportation to the polls or whatever you feel you can do to work towards changing the vile direction that Newt and his like are dragging our nation.

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