CDA II - It Isn't Anymore Constitutional This Time, Either

I am just constantly amazed at this Congress's complete inability to recognize either the insane irony of their anti-Constitutional policies or their incompetence in any technology invented after about the sixteenth century.

Once again, Americans who expect to be able to access all of the information that they need to form intelligent and well reasoned opinions are watching Congress flail about in their awkward movement towards expunging all information from the Internet that Congress finds "offensive". This very same Congress, of course, sees no irony in or the idiocy of their ill- advised posting of the Starr Chamber's pornographic "report" on the President's very private sexual business while trying with all of their might to make it illegal for anyone else to post what this silly little group thinks might be harmful to the nation's few remaining children that the Republicans haven't, as yet, found a way to put in prison.

CDA II, otherwise known as the Child Online Protection Act (H.R. 3783), is simply another attempt by the unqualified individuals, currently destroying what little was great about America, to force censorship on a worldwide communication system. Disguised as a bill meant to protect children, this act, which has many provisions of the law found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, will only block adults from sites where information is available which these prudish little fanatics disapprove of.

As everyone with even a smattering of technological understanding knows, those few programs already available are completely hopeless at actually blocking pornography without blocking other sites which have absolutely nothing obscene in their contents. Sites which provide information regarding such important issues as family planning and sex education reforms and even, yes, sites such as Another Perspective, have been and are continuing to be blocked by these so-called "Net Nannies". Simply because the word "sex" appears on this page, most net nannies will automatically block everyone using that computer from accessing the vast amount of other, nonsexual information available here. Some ISPs, in fact, block this site solely due to its political content, making a farce of the many American lives valiantly lost in defense of America and its constitutional right to free speech.

The Republicans have proven over and over again that they will not allow any discussion in regards to their small-minded attack on whatever constitutes today's version of their absurd "Family Values". To say that they have absolutely no idea what the majority of Americans want and demand is to state only the obvious. The Republican Party has become the representative of the lunatic fringe in nearly area of public life. Republicans support and admire White Supremacy groups and religious intolerance groups and even those who murder abortion providers. They work towards their ideal of a Democracy where everyone must fit into their trivial and ever changing definition of morals or face imprisonment.

For anyone who still can think independently (meaning not to have the need of an overweight "entertainer" who tries to convince his flock of ditto-heads that he has any idea what he's talking about while spewing nasty, Nazi-like propaganda) the Republicans have forfeited any claim to a moral agenda. Their constant attacks and disparagement of that huge majority which doesn't share their beliefs has bared the Right's true agenda to the world. They have no desire to make America a better, more caring land. Rather, they only wish to spread the greed and selfishness and biases and hatreds which has become the over riding hallmarks of their party.

The mere fact that the Starr Chamber's report has been blocked as pornographic by nearly all net nannies and even some Internet Service Providers must prove the idiocy of these Right Wing moral failures. Of course, it can only prove that to minds still open and unburdened by the Right's over use of bumper sticker politics.

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Copyright 10/2/98