Throwing The First Stone

Let's look at a few of the ways that everyone involved in the ridiculous witch hunt being waged against not only Bill Clinton but against the English language and common sense have twisted simple words to their own benefit.

While most of us have little trouble understanding one another simply by virtue of a long established agreement that certain words used in the same context mean certain things each time they are used, those bozos in Washington have attempted to create their very own language where the meanings of words are determined more by the political party of the speaker than any intelligent and rational definition.

Let's begin with Clinton, that mealy mouthed politician who campaigned as a progressive, caring candidate for President but, within a year of the election, became among the most vile of ultra-conservatives. This silly little person, who should most certainly be impeached for his constant agreement to the meanest policies from the Right and his complete abandonment of all morals by placing his signature on that depravity from the Right's cellar, the "Welfare Reform" act or, in the double-speak so popular among Republicans when they don't want to admit their criminal acts, the "Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996" (H.R.3734). When Clinton signed this mean spirited and sadistic bill he actually had the nerve to whine, "I hope I'm not hurting anyone by signing this". It is completely impossible that even he was so uninformed about the damage that his signature would cause. It is further impossible to believe that he had any hope of fooling even one intelligent American into believing that he signed for any reason other than his desire to stay in office as President.

His unbelievable statement regarding whether oral sex can be considered infidelity will forever rank as one of the most unfortunate lines of personal defense in our nation's long history. By trying to claim that his sexual relations with Lewinski wasn't actually "sex" he not only opened up the entire can of worms that has so delighted the puritans in the conservative movement with their insatiable hunger for news of other's sexual lives but he also exposed himself and his office to the laughter and derision which followed.

Let's now check on a little "personal responsibility" on the part of those rabid little yapping ankle biters, Sen. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), Sen. Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho) and Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.).

When Hyde's five year long adulterous affair with a married woman was exposed by the Internet magazine Salon, this addle brained Nazi claimed that it was just a "youthful indiscretion" and attempted to show how impartial he was by demanding that the FBI investigate the source of the story about his filthy affair. When asked how a five year affair which began when Hyde was forty years old could ever be described as a "youthful indiscretion", he tried to appear insulted and refused comment.

Actually, there are many other convicted criminals who should now use what we will call the "Hyde Defense". Maybe O. J.Simpson should have admitted to his crime but used the "Hyde Defense" by claiming that it was committed months ago and, so, was just a "youthful indiscretion". Washington, D.C. Mayor Barry could have gotten re-elected by claiming that his use of crack cocaine was over a couple of years ago and was, therefore, just a "youthful indiscretion". Oh, wait! He did use that defense and it worked, didn't it! He got re-elected, didn't he? Never mind!

Next let's turn over this very small rock where we'll find Burton and his dirty little secret. This icon of whatever passes for Republican morality demands that Clinton take "full responsibility for his actions". Nevertheless, this boil on the butt of the nation fathered a son out of wedlock, refused to allow his name to be added to the child's birth certificate, sent late child support payments when he bothered to send any at all and, finally, has never even seen the child (which, by the by, Sen. Burton, was a boy).

Finally, let's check out that pillar of "family values" who called the Monica Lewinski reports a "sordid spectacle". This morally challenged little hypocrite not only had an affair with a married man, which is disgusting enough, but also sought and accepted the political support of one of Idaho's nastier white supremacy groups. Even for a Republican with as little moral values as Sen. Helen Chenoweth, this unhappy person stands out among her ethically challenged peers in her own party. That, I must admit, sets her apart and above even the less than honorable gentlemen who share this article.

What I find the truly saddest reality is that the American people have no idea that they actually have no idea what is going on in our nation's capitol. They just parrot whatever they are told to believe and somehow come to the conclusion that it is possible to form an intelligent opinion without bothering to learn any of the facts involved. They try hard to hide their ignorance by speaking loudly and insultingly about whoever they didn't vote for without lowering themselves by gaining any information not supplied by the over weight and uninformed political guru of the moment. The entire nation is currently being driven into the morass of political double-talk and prevarication and nothing of any value or substance is emanating out of that sewer that Congress has become.

This, I fear, is only the beginning.

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