The Republican Message Of Hate Is Killing Innocent People

It seems that nearly every day the news brings more proof that the Republican Party and their hate filled and violence inciting propaganda has claimed the life of another innocent human being. The sorriest part of this sordid spectacle is that the very people who push their demented followers into acts of murder and savagery are the same group that tries desperately to lay claim to a vaporous and undefined mantle of "family values".

The Right's hate filled actions against any person who follows a different path in expressing their love and their desires are demeaned and insulted from the Right's pulpits and political platforms as "sinful" and "ungodly" and many other absurd slurs. To be gay in Reagan's America is to be the target of shameful attacks supposedly based on some demented misreading of their Bible. Whenever the gay community achieves some modest protection from the small minded partisans of the Right, the political arm of the ungodly Right, the Republican Party, begins their sniveling attacks on those protections which serves only to incite the vile little gnomes who enjoy inflicting pain and death in the name of their God.

Within days of each other, two events have accented these very corrupt forces from which the Right is now trying mightily to escape their complete responsibility.

First, a gay college student, Matthew Shepard, is beaten to death after being lured outside a bar by some drunken male homophobes and their low life girlfriends in Wyoming. This hate crime was provoked and defended because of the state of Wyoming's consistent refusal to enact any law which would increase the punishment for participating in these vile and ungodly attacks on those whose only crime is being different from, some would say superior to, the animals who commit such violations against others.

Some depraved morons even followed their vicious minister, Rev. Fred Phelps, from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, to picket outside of St. Mark's Episcopalian Church, where Matthew Shepard had once been baptized and where the family was having a service in memory of this student and son and brother. Then, to insure that their message of hate didn't get lost in the small outpouring of sympathy and love at the service, these contemptible imbeciles stood outside the chapel carrying signs reading "There is no such thing as a Christian fag". Some monsters even phoned in death threats to the church hoping to disrupt this hallowed gathering.

Then, just a few days ago, another coward forced his vicious will on the civilized part of America, from which he has obviously long ago separated, by murdering a physician, Dr. Barnett Slepian, who legally provides abortions. This yellow butcher, who shot this doctor through the kitchen window of the doctor's New York home, did so while hiding in the dark and in the bushes like the craven and ungodly clown his kind always are.

While Republican politicians like New York's Governor George Pataki and New York Sen. Alfonse D'Amato tried to quickly backpedal and pretend to be shocked at the murder which their own political party silently encouraged and incited scum like Rev. Donald Spitz, director of Pro-Life Virginia, who has the insolence to call the filthy murderer "a hero" while reveling in the crime by claiming "Whatever action is justified to save the life of a born baby is justified to save the life of an unborn baby". For some strange reason, I doubt completely that an idiot such as Spitz has any true morals since he not only condones the murder of a human being while performing a legal procedure but also, my money says, he probably happily condones the murder of children in wars fought over petty political and economic squabbles and murdering others through the abuse of capital punishment. As usual, losers such as this act as if prenatal abortions are wrong while actively encouraging government sponsored post-natal abortions.

The most evil and satanic part of this entire episode is that Dr. Slepian's name was listed on a web site maintained by more of the slime from the badly misnamed "Pro-Life" movement. This list is basically a hit list for the miserable followers of these thugs since, whenever a doctor on the list is murdered, his name is crossed off and labeled a "fatality". This site (at for those who would like to send their opinion of these animals off of their own site) carries the names and addresses of hundreds of abortion providers all over the Untied States and Canada. While the beasts who maintain the site may or may not be actively involved in these crimes against humanity, they most assuredly encourage this carnage and should be investigated by every criminal justice system in both nations in hopes of putting them in the deepest, darkest and filthiest parts of our prison system where they belong.

Gentle readers, the Republican Party and all of their dirty little minions must accept complete responsibility for all of the evil acts of their followers because the party actively arouses the hatred and contemptible behavior through its nasty policies of divisiveness and greed and unholy alliances with the lowest of the racist and homophobic and anti-Christian Christian groups that this nation hides in its sewers and gutters. Until the Republican party actively and permanently separates itself from these vicious sewer rats, they are completely and utterly at fault before the nation's citizens and the God they pretend to worship.

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Copyright 10/29/98