Voter Turnout Is Important

Has anyone else noticed that whenever the voters go to the polls in huge numbers that the progressives and liberals do very well and whenever the cobwebs in the polling booth are scant disturbed then the Republicans and their mealy allies seem to gather all of the attention?

The recent mid-term election is no different. In 1994, when the mean spirited and nasty "Republican Revolution" was created from the bile of the Religious Right, the so-called Christian Coalition and other Nazi-like groups in America, everyone in the media proclaimed the end of the Democratic Party and all things good and caring about this nation. With every attempt by that small minded group in Congress to give all of our freedoms and rights away in exchange for more campaign money and bigger prisons and more hatred towards America's less fortunate, the media crowed about the "new" direction of our government.

During this entire orgy of self love and outward indifference towards others, I argued that this was not any form of a "new" direction but that, in fact, the Republican Party had already tried to drag America into this sewer once before. Last time, though, the media was at a point in its development where truth was more important than profit and they reported on the journey into hell and called it the "McCarthy Era". Then, as now, the voters raised up in anger and frustration and remove the temptation to continue to pull America into their cesspool by voting resoundingly against the Republican Party.

Will these imbeciles learn the lesson of the voters any better this time? Perhaps. While that nasty little person Rep. Henry Hyde tries to pretend that his fellow travelers can continue to ignore the nation's ills in favor of their vile little sexually focused witch hunt, the American people, by huge majorities, are informing those in his party with the sense to listen that we are sick to death of their fascination with the sex acts of others. We are beyond tired of these morally bankrupt clowns trying to force their dirty, narrow minded version of "Family Values" down the nation's throat while displaying all of the morals of a pervert peeking in the windows of the local old folk's home.

Nevertheless, I believe that the Right and their all time champion of an oxymoron of allies, the Religious Right, will continue to kick the rotting carcass of the impeachment plan for months to come. Why? Because they have been so dispirited by their complete inability to create a fascist state in America through legislation and over the conservative veto of Clinton that they did what they have always done best which is to use lies and rumors and half truths to attack someone else in hopes that the nation doesn't notice their own massive incompetence. Now that the voters have loudly stated that they do, indeed, notice their impotency in Congress, the Republicans are afraid that the voters will now notice that the party has absolutely no agenda to offer but more attacks and bigger lies than before.

How, then, will the future unfold? I believe that the next two years will become even more of a mockery of democratic government than has been in evidence these last four years. I believe that the label "do-nothing Congress" will be given even greater heights of meaning as this directionally challenged group of circus ringmasters try to enact their mean spirited agenda once again solely because any other course of action would take at least a bit of intelligence to reformulate the same old tripe in packages labeled "New & Improved Same Old Tripe".

Therefore, America will continue to be held hostage by the wealthy and those who hope to attain that status in the worker unfriendly arena called the Global Economy. Without anyone capable of forcing our government back towards an honest and open debate concerning our future I believe that the objectives we will achieve will not be of the voter's choice but rather the choice of those who want only to take what their wealth enables them to use against the common man's dreams and aspirations in order to acquire more and more wealth for themselves.

There you have a general view and explanation of my vision of America's foreseeable future. Do I want it to come to pass? No, I do not. I want America to find its heart and soul once again (hint! It's currently buried in the Republican's basement) and to march proudly towards a world where everyone has an equal stake in their own happiness and health. Do I believe that there are enough Americans with the courage to exert themselves towards any positive and honest goals?

Unless we can figure out a way to make a half hour sitcom describe the need, then no, I don't!

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Copyright 12/10/98