Who's Watching The Store While The Trolls Play Under The Bridge?

While I agree that we have seen the emperor and found that he not only has no clothes but that he doesn't even have the decency to use his hands to protect our eyes from his nakedness, I am sick beyond words at the purely political and childish attacks on old Slick Willie. What angers even more, though, is that the world and our nation has been very quickly falling apart all the while these trolls were pretending to have the intelligence of a moss covered rock.

Nevertheless, with all of the extreme anger at these bozos, I reserve a very special place in Hell for the conservative media which has focused its, admittedly, short attention span only on the President's zipper and completely ignored the reality that is collapsing all around us.

I spend my research time reading more magazines every week than most read in a year. In order to attempt to have some impression of truth, I subscribe to and read works published for nearly every portion of the political spectrum (as I have said before, I wade through the filth of the nation so you don't have to, no thanks needed). My method of research is to try to find opinions and information on any subject from all points of view and to form and then express my opinion from those findings.

For nearly seven months, the liberal and progressive periodicals have focused very little on Clinton's morals and focused quite strongly on the economic collapse in Asia that is dragging the rest of the so-called Global Economy down with it. It has been looking into the effects, both immediately and in the future, of these bail-outs which use your tax dollars to insure that wealthy Americans and their counterparts in Asia feel no disadvantage to their gambling losses on the various markets. They have been describing the horrors being exposed, the rapes and murders and torture of women and children in the name of ethnic cleansing, in the dilapidated nations which once made up the Soviet Union. They have been trying to warn Americans of the massive dangers that the purchase of Mobil Oil by Exxon presents to the American consumer, how this "merger" is going to drag America back to the monopolistic days of the John D. Rockefeller oil trusts (In fact, it is precisely the reunification of that monopoly in that Exxon began life as Standard Oil of New Jersey and Mobil as Standard Oil of New York). They have been asking why our government refuses to disclose its involvement with Augusto Pinochet, who the CIA installed as dictator in Chile in 1973, destroying a democratically elected government. They are asking why the U.S. will not release information regarding Henry Kissinger's deep involvement in that coup. His statement before Congress that the Chilean people should not be permitted the "irresponsibility of electing Allende". Finally, they are asking why, with hundreds of thousands of human beings continuing to be murdered in East Timor by the Indonesian invaders and the tens of thousands of Kurds being slaughtered by Turkish weapons (and nearly reaching the level of outright genocide) and on and on, are we bombing a third world nation's civilians in a truly stupid attempt to disarm a dictator who we armed and encourage for decades. These are the questions and topics being raised in the pages of the left and middle.

When I peruse the magazines from the right and the Christian Right (again it is neither) and the like, they are slobbering all over their pages demanding that even more investigations be launched into Zippergate and raise a bleating chorus calling for either resignation or impeachment. In not one instance do these conservative outlets attempt to investigate any of the truly pressing and immediate obstacles our nation and the entire world finds themselves facing at the turn of the century.

Gentle readers, we must raise our voices in a communal shout for sense and rational thinking to be returned to the many important debates which must be held before the dangers lurking in the darkness of the unseen corners that this nation's conservative media refuses to examine because sex, lies and videotape sell more commercials or ads or, and I believe this to be a major reason, because attacking the President is, by far, the cheapest way to fill pages and air time.

I do not expect you to accept that absolutely none of the Right's media markets have reported on anything reasonable or intelligent. Not at all. I'm just telling you that I can't find any whatsoever.

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Copyright 12/18/98