Once Again, We Act Superior To Another Armed Nation

It is the evening of Wednesday, December 16. All news programs are leading with the news that, once again, the United States and Britain are bombing Iraqi military positions.

President Clinton can be seen saying, over and over in news bite after news bite, that we must insure that Iraq and Saddam Hussein must not be allowed to continue to possess weapons of mass destruction or, in his own words, we are making "a strong response to Iraq's capacity to endanger its neighbors and the world." He also states that we must be ready to accept the deaths of both our military personnel as well as "accidental" casualties, meaning, of course, innocent civilians.

Now I have two minor quibbles with all of this violence and propaganda surrounding yet another attack on this nation which is pretty much made up of people who are not Saddam Hussein.

The first question must be a repeat of one which I have asked before in these articles. Just how many dead, innocent civilians is too many? I realize that Hussein plays with the lives of his citizens by placing military targets within urban areas and near schools. I am aware, as well, that he has built "palaces" around areas that the UN inspectors want access to. This allows him to claim that he has no obligation to allow inspectors into his "home" and thus avoid exposing whatever factories that we had originally sold to him.

Nevertheless, we must, sooner or later, admit that he would have none of the capabilities we so abhor had we and our NATO allies not gleefully sold him whatever he wanted when he was our friend and Iran the enemy of both of us. Even now, French and German corporations are trying to secretly sell him even more of the equipment needed to rebuild whatever the UN destroys.

Why would anyone allow the situation to deteriorate to this level where only the murder of Iraqis will soothe the savage breast? Why would any intelligent person (okay, I know we're talking about politicians and military "leaders" but, hey, work with me on this folks) sell the equipment and plans that allowed this vile creature to create such a disaster in the making? The only reason that we are in the situation that demands such a violent exercise is the demands of Corporate America, and their lust to make profits even when those profits may well come at the expense of American military men and women. My guess would be that when the deaths are of foreign human beings, little guilt surfaces in their shriveled and hardened souls.

In my humble opinion, any "soft targets" (I so hate military euphemisms for the unnecessary deaths of innocent women and children) are unacceptable solely because the so- called Gulf War and every nonsensical action since is due to our own stupidity. Whoever we don't kill this time around will just be more soft targets for us to murder the next time we want to flex or sagging and steroid based muscles.

My second question is one which relates to just about every military action that America embarks upon. What gives us the unilateral right to murder civilians in other nations because their leaders, in our opinion, cannot be trusted with weapons of mass destruction? Has anyone lately noted that it has been America, in the last three or four decades, who trots out the old weapons every time Corporate America's interests, also euphemistically called "national interests", are put in danger? What possible fact makes us so morally superior even to such a base regime as Iraq's?

Think about this, people. Corporate America sells the ingredients for nuclear, chemical and biological weapons to what can only be described as a maniac who gleefully kills his own citizens and then, when the same maniac turns and steals back oil fields taken from his nation after World War II, Corporate America demands that we first kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis while putting millions of people in the area at risk of the maniac using those weapons Corporate America sold him. There was absolutely no other reason, not one, zip, zilch, nada, for our being there during Bush's second opportunity to shed the "wimp" image other than Corporate America's whining and crying over their assets being taken from them after they had legally stolen them from the locals in the first place.

Now for a final thought to make certain that you have just the right amount of good cheer for these holidays. President Clinton has recently approved selling nuclear power plants to China which are capable of producing weapons grade uranium. That's what nuclear bombs are made out of, folks. So now Corporate America has used their trolls in government to allow them to sell to our greatest potential enemy the means to design and build those weapons which can only be honestly described as the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. Did our glorious leaders take into account the fact that China has been selling short range missiles which can be retrofitted with nuclear warheads to anyone with cash to pay for them before making this insane decision? Oh, but of course they did. In fact, Clinton and Congress decided to ignore these little missteps of judgment on the part of China and, instead, looked with happiness on the TWO MONTHS prior to the sale of these toys for madmen when China had NOT sold any missiles. That's right, even though China had been selling missiles and missile carriers and training the military of many insane regimes, all they had to do was hold off for a mere two months for our witless leaders to kneel before their Corporate masters and approve this deranged business transaction.

Is there any possibility whatsoever that the people of America will eventually stand up and demand that our foreign policy be based on some other commodity that the wealth of our government's owners? While we stand by, watching women and children being raped and murdered in what was once the Soviet Union and issuing "dire warnings" to those cruel and vile people who murder millions in the name of "ethnic cleansing" (what the Nazis so eloquently termed the "final solution"), when the wealth of the few and the power of the corporation is threatened then we will kill as many civilians and surrender as many American military personnel as needed to safe guard that property.

When the American people wake up and demand that the lives and safety of other human beings are the only reason to ever put our military in harms way, when they refuse to accept Corporate America's propaganda and, with one voice, tell their government that the wealth of the very, very few is NEVER a honorable reason to take the life of another, only then will this country become the great nation that our government and Corporate America restrains us from ever becoming.

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