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The LA Times had a large section dedicated to rehashing the entire Monica Lewinski "affair" last week. One had only to read the section's title, which covered the top one quarter of the page, to see exactly what the story within reported. Blaring across that page was "Legacy of a Scandal". If I were given the job of choosing a banner headline for that section, though, it would have, instead, been simply "Legacy of a Failed Coup de Etat".

The only scandal that ever existed was in the small, little warped minds of those few Americans who simply and without reason hate Bill Clinton and those ridiculous Republicans in Congress who were so loathe to admit that their party simply had no one whom the American voters thought qualified to lead the nation. The public has constantly stated, through polls and at the voting booth, that they were sick and tired of the Republican's obsession with Clinton's sex life. The only polls that showed even a slight desire on the part of the public to punish Clinton for any of the Right's imagined transgressions were paid for by, oh surprise, surprise, the Republican Party.

Now, those nasty little gnomes, rather than admit that their entire political philosophy is dead, are calling one another "heroes" and "great Americans" for having the gall to force this nation down to the dirty and morally soiled depths that the Republican Party inhabits. Sadly, I doubt very seriously that the voting public will remember this depraved example of Right Wing pornography since the next election is further away than the normal thirty second attention span that the average voter holds. Nevertheless, it is the duty of all intelligent and caring Americans to remind everyone of this silliness the next opportunity that we have to replace these trolls with real human beings of any party. The best point to be made, I believe, is to ask the individual just why they might think that over 40 years transpired between times of a Republican majority in Congress. The last four years should answer that question nicely.(1)

Oh, how I do love the following quotes. (2) Utah Republican Rep. Chris Cannon ( a large enough donkey's behind that I might consider changing my last name) recently told the Salt Lake Tribune, "You look at what this president's policy has been from day one. The first thing he did was create a debate about homosexuals in the military." Warming to the subject, he complained that another of Clinton's moves was "to hire Jocelyn Elders as his surgeon general. The whole point was to have an advocate for weird alternative lifestyles. This administration has had as a policy goal the public discussion of weird sex. He didn't fire Jocelyn Elders until after she said some really weird things and said them many times. She talked about self-abuse. Sex when you're alone." His answer to the administration's focus on "weird alternative lifestyles" and "homosexuality" and "self-abuse" (masturbation for those who don't quite get the connection between the word abuse and solo sex - menage-a-trois minus two) is simply, "There's no reason for us to talk about it." I finally find myself at a complete loss for words, here. If anyone was wondering just why America is falling further and further into the seventeenth century's failed idea of morals, but which are still two to three centuries ahead of the average Republican moralists, this silly little person is the answer. The entire Republican party is filled with such people, people who will demand that everybody adhere to their tight sphinctered little moral code of abstinence but who shudder at the very thought of the safest sex there is, with one's self. I suppose the saddest part of life in America these days is that ridiculous little morally bankrupt, factually challenged and intelligently backward frauds like this are taken seriously by anybody, let alone given the opportunity to screw up the future of this nearly great nation by sending them off to Congress.

We must now confront another amazingly Republican article, one that tries to pass as intelligent reporting. (3) "Where Will the Lawsuits End?" is revealingly sub-titled "We must draw the line on litigation against dangerous products" Now, I'm sure that, given such an obviously anti-consumer title to consider, you are all probably far ahead of me already. Well, hang around while I expose the truly horrific part, his arguments against this last avenue for the average American flailing about searching for justice in these last, dying days of Reagan's America. Quoting political philosopher Stuart Mills, who stated, "The only freedom which deserves the name is one which leaves each person as the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily or mentally." Using this as some sort of springboard, the author then attempts to compare a two hundred year old thought to the horrors which Corporate America produces today. He lambastes those who, having failed to elect an honest and fair politician (as opposed to the completely bought and paid for individuals that passes for the fruits of the democratic process today) turn to the courts for protection and recompense. He stretches reality by comparing the massive damages cause every day by guns and tobacco and alcohol to the damage caused to arteries by heavy cream. The entire article is simply a screed by the Far Right crying for the protection of the very corporate interests who produce the most dangerous products allowed on Earth. It employs the favorite tricks in the Republican and Corporate American bags of distraction and half-truths. By comparing the evil and pain caused by guns and tobacco to the ingestion of heavy cream is to attempt to create a world where death by cancer or bullet wound is equal to the reversible damage caused by food. This is the same systematic series of half truths and facts taken out of context and out right lies that were skillfully used by the Far Right's minions to create the false impression that the single women and their children on welfare were the cause of all of this nation's woes and that the poor were living in poverty by choice. Sadly, tricking the majority of voters isn't all that much of a chore simply because it is unbelievably easy to get a human to hate and revile other but extremely difficult to get those same voters to listen to facts and to then form an opinion. If one researches the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany in the early thirties, one sees the exact same ploys being used to create the reality where an entire race of people, as well as those different from the masses (the Gypsies and homosexuals), were happily allowed to be sent to their deaths only because to actually think about what was occurring would be to demand a reaction against this evil.

I realize that we began by discussing lawsuits and ended up decrying the horrors of the Nazi era but the similarities to the Republican Party and their tactics must be exposed. We are seeing the party destroy any economic support programs for those who American society has refused entry, women and minorities, such as welfare and affirmative action. They have attacked and insulted the very group who truly provide wisdom and learning to our children, our teachers. They have taught their followers to revere wealth and power above all else, even when those who possess these "virtues" are obviously mean and stupid people.

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