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Now that we know that the little acne scar Kenneth Starr found absolutely nothing worth investigating about Whitewater, Travelgate and Filegate during his offensive witch hunt over the last five years, do any of you remember the headlines proclaiming Bill and/or Hilary's Clinton's innocence in each of these trumped up "crimes"? You don't remember them? That might be because Starr never made even one reference to each of his failed investigations once he saw that there was no evidence of wrong doing and his "investigation" he knew that it was all going nowhere. Instead, he waited until he presented his soft-core porn "Starr Report" and only then at the very beginning of his verbal report, a time that he knew would be completely blotted out of the mush-brained reporter's minds once he got them hooked on whose sexual organs went where and at what time and how often and on and on and on. Did any major news outlet report that rather revealing fact? Not even one. (1)

In another report exposing Corporate America's dirty past, Albert Speer (look him up) once stated that Adolph Hitler would never have considered invading Poland had he not acquired synthetic fuel technology from General Motors. In fact, in 1938 a GM executive received a medal for "distinguished service to the Reich" and in 1939, GM's Chairman Alfred P. Sloan described GM's operations in Germany as being "highly profitable". In fact, GM received $32 million from the American taxpayer after the war for damages to GM's plant during the war's bombing of weapon plants (GM's own). (2)

The next time you see or hear Rep. Robert Barr open his offensive little mouth, remember that last June he was an honored speaker at a meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a near Nazi group (actually, one of the political arms of the Ku Klux Klan) who have as their basic tenet that interracial marriage is white genocide. Isn't it rather interesting that the most offensive groups in America have the word "conservative" somewhere in their name? (3)

`Just as an aside, have you noticed the rather nasty habit that the media, but particularly the written media, has of beginning sentences regarding the President with, "In an effort to appear presidential..." or "In a move meant to divert attention from..."? Is there anyone left who can, with a clear conscience, claim that there is any shred of what was once termed the "Liberal Media"? Just wondering.

I seldom recommend books but you might want to check out "The 7 Myths Promoted by Conservatives". (4) The 7 myths are: government is bad, punishments deters crime, foreign aid is a waste, capitalism is a theology, we are overtaxed as a nation, the media is controlled by liberals and liberals help the poor for votes. Until one understands that the platforms that the Right espouses are outright fictions, we don't have a hope of sending them back into their caves where they can no longer harm actual human beings.

Since I've already broken my rule about recommending books, here is one that just may change your life for the better. The very best part is that the book is absolutely free. Well, you might be asked for a little information but nothing truly personal. The book is titled 101 Things You Can Do For Our Children's Future" by Richard Louv. All you have to do is to start your computer or one at a friend's home or a local library, and visit . Here you will find an unbelievable amount of information not only for parents but for grandparents and those who simply want information on what America can be doing to make childhood a safer and more learning friendly time. You can even fill out a questionnaire and volunteer your time and/or talents to any of the local or state-wide or national organizations.

Gentle readers, I can't think of any way to make our future a better and more caring one than to take the time to invest in our children today. All of us have something that we can offer that will make a difference even if it is only to spend an hour a week at a local library reading to any children who are there. Better yet, make a specific time available and put up signs at the library and school and day-care centers and let the people know that this service is being offered. I know that I have some truly literate and well-read readers and I just cannot imagine the positive benefits that you will receive when you see a little head lifted towards you as you open up the wonderful world of books for them. In a different way, I know that I have attorneys as readers, as well. Offer your services to local day-care centers in areas such as creating employee contracts or in understanding zoning laws or, well, whatever you know will be useful to someone and will allow them to spend that money earmarked for legal assistance for books or toys or employee training or whatever, instead. You will probably never know the extent that your assistance changes the world but you will be able to go to bed each night knowing that you have, at least, made an effort to make the world a better place for all. (5 )

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