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A bit of trivia arising from the failed coup de etat these last few months. While Livingston's and Barr's infidelities were uncovered and their nasty partisanship laid bare before the world, there was another participant whom the conservative press very carefully avoided exposing. That person was Trent Lott, the Senate Majority Leader and the one person in Congress that should have had some small degree of decency in his background since it was his Senate that was sitting in judgment on the President of the United States. Nevertheless, since the media decided to ignore what was a truly earth shattering story, your humble writer will give you the low down, or should we say, the poop on that old poop head. A group which he has supported both through speeches and endorsements and articles for their newsletters is called the Council of Conservative Citizens ( ). Now, before you use this link and go visit these "conservatives" please be aware that you will be visiting the site for the White Citizens groups or, as they were once known, the Ku Klux Klan. Should you decide that you can stomach the pure filth of white supremacists, this site will link you to a site that will inform you of dark and terrible deeds performed by such American icons as Abraham Lincoln and, of course, Martin Luther King, Jr. and calling for a second Civil War to kill or remove all people of any color but white, Christian and, preferably, wealthy. Gentle readers, this vile little creature should not be allowed within a thousand miles of any government place of business. We are far past the time that racists and other filth should be allowed to have any say in our nation's future and to think that one has been elevated to the position of Senate Majority Leader is disgusting and depressing. This is just another instance where the conservative press shows that what the American people don't know won't hurt the conservative's base and foul objectives. (1)

Want one more example that the world is very quickly going to Hell? According to Barron's magazine, a company that has never turned even one dollar in profit is now worth, on Wall Street, more than the entire stock market of Norway! In fact, the company is worth more than if it could, somehow, sell every single book in America. The company I'm referring to is Amazon.Com. Now do you realize why I keep yelling "The sky is falling!" whenever America's obscenely over priced stock market is the topic of conversation? We are on the edge of a precipice and looking into a bottomless pit of a global depression and the only place you will ever hear the cry "Warning Dr. Smith!" is right here at Another Perspective. (2)

Just a few interesting tidbits to start (or end, what do I know?) your day. Estimated chances that a U.S. corporate merger will result in short- and long-term shareholder losses - 2 in 3. Amount a fourth grade Denver class has raised since last March to buy and free Sudanese slaves - $35,000. Number of Sudanese no longer enslaved as a result of their efforts - 600. Amount that S&Ls or shareholders lawsuits over the federal government's handling of the 1980's bailout will raise the original cost of $165 billion - $50 billion. Number of paragraphs in the 1999 federal budget devoted to passing these costs on to you and I, the taxpayers - 2. Number of times that the ACLU has sued Republican New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani - 17. Number of times it won - 15. Percentage of local TV news directors who say they have dropped "important information" from a story for fear of being sued - 28. (3)

Now that America has freed itself from the burden of providing welfare for all of those greedy, lazy women and children, you'd think that our wonderful Congress and all of the other Republican politicians would be searching high and low for other gross examples of outright theft from the taxpayers. Instead, Republicans like New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and New York State Governor George Pataki have found a way to get rid of $450 million from the pockets of honest taxpayers. Where, you ask? Taking a clue from the swindling owners of pro sports teams, the moochers on Wall Street are threatening to move the stock market to New Jersey or Tampa or where ever unless the taxpayers build them a brand new building in New York. I hope it goes without saying that these representatives from the bowels of Corporate America will get everything that they've demanded and more from these two magnificent examples of the Republican's outright sale to whoever offers the most for what once passed for their souls. Ain't welfare reform wonderful? (4)

Want just one more example of the twisted logic that passes for thinking in America? It turns out that the U.N. weapons inspection team was truly spying for American intelligence agencies. Because of this, Saddam Hussein refused to cooperate with them and tossed them out of the country. This action was used as the justification for renewed bombing of Iraq's military installations (along with the occasional "collateral damage" of "soft targets" - dead women and children killed by accident) by President Clinton. Therefore, President Clinton was using his own breaking of international law, the use of U.N. employees for purposes of spying, to justify attacks which were provoked by Iraq's refusal to allow spies to search his nation under the auspices of international law and, well, gets kind of complicated, huh?!? The reality is that, once again, America is breaking laws and using that for an immoral infliction of death to many innocent civilians and the conservative media just can't bring itself to let the American people know the truth. Pretty sorry way for us to act? Nah! Nearly every military "exercise" in the mid to late twentieth century has been on the basis of invented or vaporous "facts". Now, that is pretty sorry! (5)

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