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Some interesting facts on the subject of drugs in America.

Percentage of parents who think that drugs are a major problem in America's schools - 82%
Percent who believe it is a major problem in their child's school - 6%
Percentage of parents who used marijuana as youths - 60%
Percentage who believe that their children have used marijuana - 21%
Percent of American teens who have used marijuana - 44%
Percent of parents who claim to have had a conversation with their kids about drugs - 94%
Percent of kids who remember such a conversation - 67%

Number of federal prison inmates who are "drug offenders" - 33, 624
Percent who are non-violent first time offenders - 50%
Cost to the taxpayer to clothe, house, feed and guard these 27, 812 inmates every day - $1.75 million.
Cost per year - $640 million.
Percentage of all federal prisoners incarcerated for drug charges - 59%
Percentage incarcerated for violent crimes - 2.5%
Number of Americans arrested in 1997 for drug offense - 1.5 million.
Percent arrested for simple possession - 79%
Total number of Americans arrested in 1997 for murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault - 717,720
Number of Americans arrested for marijuana offenses - 695,200
Percent who were arrested for simple possession of marijuana- 87%
Number of people in all federal and state prisons for drug offenses in 1980 - 23,900
Number of people in all federal and state prisons for drug charges in 1996 - 292,794

Total cost to American taxpayers for the long lost War on Americans Who Use Drugs in the 1998 federal budget - $16 BILLION.
Cost in 1987 - $4.7 Billion.

Average sentence for first time drug offenders - 82.4 months.
Average sentence for sexual abuse - 66.9months.
Average sentence for manslaughter - 26.8 months.

Want to know how you can easily and quickly spot drug use by your children, at least according to the inane but revealing pamphlet How Parents Can Help Children Live Marijuana Free"; written and produced by a very, very uninformed ultra-conservative in Utah, criminologist Gerald Smith - with a preface by that pinnacle of rational thought, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R, - Utah)? Get ready, folks, cause it's a stunner..." Avoids the family while at home. Interest in Rastafari religion. Extreme rebelliousness a' la James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause";. Excessive preoccupation with social causes, race relations, environmental issues, etc. Frequent, lengthy or unexplained absences. Runs away or threatens to. Serious sibling conflicts".

I'm aware that I've offered this swill for your consideration in a previous article but, gosh, it just gives me the willies every time I see another reference to it and, believe me, the idiots on the Right will use it as their newest bible on the subject of how to completely screw up their children and anyone else's children within their reach. (1).

Also, I thought repeating this swill would be appropriate since I believe it to be a good time to offer a bit of advice on how to tell when your children have ceased using their brain and began following the insane and illogical political lines of the Right.

Extreme conformity towards a morally bankrupt and inhumane political system a' la "Conservative Without a Clue". Never allows any information to be received or discussed within the family unit that didn't originate in the feces encrusted brain of Rush Limbaugh or his gnome-like and brainless "Dittohead" followers. Ungodly preoccupation with the constant misreading and misinterpretation of their Christian bible and their unwarranted demand that their nation could find greatness if only it followed the example of Algeria and Afghanistan and Serbia and Iraq and Iran and became another nation controlled by some fanatic religious charlatans with visions of grandeur and personal perfection but which just simply murdered everyone who doesn't proclaim their absolute faith in the myth, magic and miracles of the Right's Holy Bible. Has an excessive obsession with the sexual activities of others but attempts to conceal their own sexual sickness and, when discovered, blames it all on television or magazines or movies or on any cause other than their own weakness or simple human nature. Frequent adoration and worship of money and of anyone who will offer them some in exchange for some small token of faith, such as their very honor and soul. An inability to recognize the imminent destruction of the fragile environment happening right before their very eyes, eyes which have been blinded by the shiny coins given them by their political and economic owners. One will find a complete lack of the basic common sense and good will that every child is born with and will find it replaced with an overt attempt to starve and abuse those less fortunate, in particular those women and children who allowed themselves to be born into circumstances of poverty and neglect. Finally, they will loudly trumpet their desire to remove government from the back of all Americans but demand to push it into the wombs of women, the minds of children and the lungs of us all in their sorry undertaking of ruining the lives of those who dare to use drugs that the Right doesn't care to use and which would cut into the Wall Street values of their owners in Corporate America.

Look around you, folks. They're everywhere and they vote! (Visions of running wildly down the street, screaming in fear of the future that these vile people have in mind for any intelligent, independent thinkers left in the nation! Can you spell "Ethnic, Educational and Religious Cleansing", children?)

I'll leave you with a few revealing quotes from unlikely sources (meaning that they weren't speaking directly to the question of drugs but, stripped of their political masks, their words belie their public postures)

"Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." Ronald Reagan in 1980.

"Insanity is doing the same old thing over and over again and expecting a different result." Bill Clinton in 1992.

Finally, and most frightening, "Parents need to talk to their children, but let's do what government is supposed to do and make drug use risky." Senator John Ashcroft in 1998.

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