Make This The Last War

In a world filled with sad and depressing ironies, we are now in the process of, once again, murdering another few tens or hundreds of thousands of human beings, this time in Europe. While the cause this time is a truly sick and demented person named Slobodan Milosevic trying to win a war that was lost over seven hundred years ago, it gives America's sadistic "defense industry" another opportunity to sell lots more weapons and bombs. In fact, this terrible little "action" is costing you and me over a billion dollars a month, a figure that will increase dramatically once our "leaders" decide that the polls will support the introduction of a hundred thousand or so of this nation's children into the arena as ground troops. The number of innocent civilians dying every day isn't spoken of in any of the major media outlets, either, by the way.

I keep hearing and reading about "good" wars and "bad" wars. Supposedly, good wars are fought to defend or free innocent people or to stop the atrocities of evil leaders against their own kind or against some foe from an otherwise long forgotten skirmish in this planet's long history of people murdering one another over trivial and short sighted rationalizations. Bad wars are those began with evil intent by evil people. I sorry to say that I disagree with both definitions. All wars are evil and all killing is evil. There can be no differentiation.

We, as a nation, must finally take responsibility for the fact that so many, many innocent people are dying only because America has decided that it is possible to be both the arms dealer to the world and the world's policeman. We refuse to become a nation of conscience, one that leads by example rather than force. Instead, we sell arms to everyone who asks and never truly care how they are used until either they are aimed at our children or when they are employed to murder and rape and loot the weak, which for some reason finally awakens the nation's guilt and, the next thing you know, we're once again bombing everything in sight. We far too often fall back on the ridiculous notion that our "superior" air strength can be employed to force change in minds deadened by unthinking hatred. The fact of the matter is that massive bombing didn't work in Vietnam, it isn't working in Iraq and it won't work in Kosovo or Yugoslavia. Considering that this is just another instance of Christians fighting Muslims for long forgotten reasons, there is the same chance of stopping this war as we have of stopping the Jews and the Arabs twenty-five hundred year old wars.

It's time that the caring majority stands up and says "This is the last time. No more wars. No more arms sales." This can be the greatest turning point ever found in history. We can and we must regain control of this behemoth that is our government and force it to finally consider notions such as the lives of those they intend to send and the lives they intend to take as being far more important than the profits or losses of Corporate America. This must begin now, today! Our voices can be heard over the clanging of the coin so worshipped by politicians and Corporate America. The first consideration must never again be for profits but for the moral and ethical paths that should be followed. We can give assistance to other nations through economic and education rather than just arming their military and police. We can elevate the lives of the world's population by training them and educating them. Nations which refuse to change course should be cut off from the rest economically, politically and physically. No other nation on earth has the huge industry dedicated only to producing a product meant for only one reason and that is the destruction of huge numbers of human beings. With this nation's massive economic clout, we can starve the weapons manufacturers in every other nation and ostracize any that attempts to continue sales. We can begin the process of disarming and making smaller our military and still maintain a defense force. In no other way can we create the moral authority to make these demands of others.

Gentle readers, anyone who supports this nation's filthy habit of arming everyone in sight or who calls another "murderer" for supporting the right of every woman to control their own bodies will find themselves at a great loss for words when they have to answer for their hypocrisy to their God. I challenge them to expend the same energy that they use in their hateful attacks in the pursuit of the goal of eliminating the deaths of all rather than just cells in a woman's womb. If abortion is to be considered murder, then all must agree that at no time is the taking of another's life an acceptable option. America can and must become the leader in the long trek towards a world of caring and decency. Any other direction will haunt you and your children and your children's children for all time.

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