A Reply To A Reader

Gentle readers,

In a three day period, I received nearly twenty messages expressing their opposing views in truly filthy and unchristian ways. One of the messages, though, was phrased in a way that showed that the author was obviously truly at a loss as to why I believe as I do and why I write in the way that I do. I try very hard to always answer those questions that are asked of me in a kind and non-aggressive manner and so I replied to these folks. The reply follows as well as a short example of the sort of nasty messages sent at about that time. I think that this will stand fairly well for any others who have wondered the same. I'm leaving the address of the fellow who sent the example. It's only for those who complain that I make up everything I write about. He sounds like the sort who would enjoy continuing to condemn me and what I say to anyone else who will listen. For the record, by the way, unless you explicitly state that you do not wish for your message to be reprinted you must say so in the body of the message. Otherwise, it might end up being used to prove a point or to illustrate a symptom of a group's failure.

As I said earlier, I appreciate the kind tone of your message and, quite honestly, that is the reason I'm replying. The vast majority of the e-mail that I receive from Christians and Republicans alike follows closely to this one that I received just today (4/2/99). It appears that I have become the focus of some church or religious group, once again, but at least so far the hateful death threats haven't appeared. I have over a thousand malevolence filled messages that give me very precise directions should I need them in my headlong rush towards Hell and, frankly, this one is fairly loving in tone compared to the average. (excuse the spelling, it is his):

> >The opinions of someone who supports the muder of the innocent certainly can not be >taken seriously. You are the company you keep, murderer.

> >And you, a self proclaimed advocate of killing BABIES, writes about how terrible others (Republicans) are. Get A Life you low-life, filthy, scummy, hate-filled idiot.
> >R.S. ("Ron" )

I address my words to Christians and Republicans only because they, themselves, address themselves as such. Since the people whom I see as such a danger to the decent among us call themselves these names and, since there seems no voice against them from others who also use these names, then the names are used as a general and descriptive term.

Folks, I cannot take anyone seriously who can only focus on one method of murder and ignore or, worse, actively support the many others in our lives. I, personally, don't support abortions, either, but then I am also physically unable to ever find myself in a position to have to make such a horrible decision. It is and must remain a terrible choice made between the woman and her vision or version of God. I also am absolutely against capital punishment and war and any other form of death that is preventable. Causing the death of another in any way is unacceptable and must be spoken against. To pick and choose which you like and which you don't only creates a moral hypocrisy that is religious zeal at its worst.

One of the saddest facts of life is that the Bible, in its many translations before being offered in English, had many very important words basically changed or altered in order that the passage support the then current customs or political systems. For instance, the original meaning of the word defined as "dominion" in Genesis (and man shall have dominion over the earth) was a Greek word that meant "stewardship" or "responsibility for" which conveys a completely different meaning. Even more importantly, the original word in the Commandments was "kill" (thou shalt not kill) but was changed to "murder" in order that war and the arbitrary infliction of punishment for worldly crimes could still continue without fear of the godly penalty that inflicting death on others would entail with the banning of "killing", period.

When someone speaks to wealth and the words of Jesus, in no passage anywhere did He say that the accumulation of wealth and power was acceptable to either Him or His Father. Instead, he spoke quite loudly against money, calling it the root of all evil (note the word "all", He didn't mean some evil but ALL evil). The many, many so-called "televangelists" who use the airwaves in a constant search for more and more money are as bad as the small churches that demand the tithes of its members. Remember, nowhere did Jesus, himself, speak to the requirement of giving anything to God but your soul and absolute love and obedience.

What all this means is that I have great respect for those who actually live the life and the beliefs that the few wish to force upon the rest of us. I would truly love a world that followed the teachings of Jesus. Since the religion is "Christianity" and not "Paulists" or "Markists" or whatever, I happily accept the words of Jesus but see no relevance to the rest. Nevertheless, a world where we all actually loved one another and tried to care for the most helpless would be wonderful. It is also very attainable.

Sadly, it has nothing to do with the world that the Religious Right or the Christian Conservatives or whatever they want to call themselves would create. Theirs would be a world where wealth and power is worshipped and where those who cannot defend themselves are abused as the ruling elite saw fit. Theirs would be a world where war and the killing of both the guilty as well as the innocent is an acceptable policy alternative and one where the few are allowed to judge and then murder those who are deemed unfit to live among us, at least according to their narrow view of the world. I will fight with every ounce of my strength against this horror and the massive pain that this would allow the few to inflict upon the many. Until the true Christians step forward and take back the power that any honest love of God and all of His children entails, but that the few have so contorted towards their own ends, I will be the loudest voice that I can muster. Because of my children and my hopes for their future, I cannot and will not be silent in the face of the possibility that their world will be in any way run by those who now speak for the Christian religion.

I speak against the entire Republican Party for basically the same reasons. The Christian Conservatives have taken nearly complete control of what was once the party of Lincoln and is now being used to further some very vile political agendas. They shout self-righteously that they oppose abortion as the murder of the innocent but have a very sick love and attraction to wars and capital punishment and refuse to condemn the killing of those who choose to love in a way that the "Christians" deplore. The party wants to control some forms of how we use our bodies but loudly condemn the Democrats for their attempts to control other areas of our lives. In the same way as the religion, should decent, loving and caring people ever again take the party back, I will happily cease my confrontational writings about them.

I am absolutely not a supporter of the Democratic Party but, given the choice between those who invade my wallet and those who demand to control my life and future according to their warped religious views I will happily take the former. I would, however, vastly prefer to see the world begin its slow and difficult movement towards a maturity where everyone is loved and respected and where no child ever feels hunger or fear or cold and none will ever be forced to sleep in a box in an alley.

I feel that I am working towards that goal best by forcing those who read what I write to confront the absolute stupidity that passes for debate and thought in this nation, in particular, and the world in general. The idea that one group has the right, in any way, to kill and rape and displace another because of some sick need of vengeance for a war nearly seven hundred years ago (Christians who lost a war against Muslims in 1389 in what is now Kosovo) must be completely and utterly erased from this world, not through violence but through the world's majority pushing them aside and refusing to give support or credence to their hateful opinions. The idea that the murder of a doctor for providing a legal resource to women that isn't religiously accepted by the few must be condemned from every pulpit, as well.

Until the followers of the words of Jesus confront and call to task those who speak for them, I will. Until the followers of Jesus and His message of love silence or, even better, just expose those who would speak for them as the self-righteous and self-important spewers of hate and dealers of death that they are, then I will do so. I see the possibility of these people taking control of my nation and world as being as frightening as the last generation viewed the menace of the Nazi Party.

I applaud your dislike of the actions of those whom I address in my articles, as you stated. I can only ask why you are telling me and not being as vocal as possible to those who do support those actions. To confront another who deplores those acts is, as they say, simply preaching to the already converted. Perhaps our methods differ in the correct way to combat those actions but we both are fighting for the same basic side; God's. I recommend that you spend your time and energy fighting against those who behave so badly in the name of your God. Only change from within will permanently silence them.

Please understand, in closing, that I am only answering the questions that you raised. You are welcome to reply but, after four years of writing and thirty years of standing against the horrors that are becoming America, I have heard nearly every argument possible. You may not think that my methods or my beliefs or even my arguments merit consideration but that will just have to be an accepted difference of opinion. As I have often offered as a viable alternative to those who so despise what I write, don't read it. My site is very easily avoided. I respectfully recommend doing so.

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