More Thoughts On War, Religion and Coporate America

Some further thoughts on the subjects of religion and money and killing and Corporate America follows. I may have spoken to these things in other articles but they remain in my mind, demanding to be heard and more fully expressed because, simply put, these may be the most important of issues that face us as a people and as a species. Unless and until we force these issues to the forefront and demand that all voices be heard and heeded we have little chance of a fair or happy future.

The act of murder in God's name is one of the primary reasons that I detest those who claim to represent the Christian ideology, misrepresenting themselves with titles such as the "Christian Coalition" or "The Religious Right" or, and this is the worst of the lies, "Conservative Christians". I am not now nor have I ever truly called myself either a "Christian" nor even a religious person. I have, though, read and been moved by the words of Jesus in the same Bible which they claim as foundation for the horrors and meanness that they so happily inflict on the rest of us.

To question them about the words of Jesus is to bring about a truly venomous defense. In fact, the vast majority of the vile, disgusting messages and death threats that I have received over the words that I write have been from self-described "Christians" who strongly and loudly object to a "friend of Satan" quoting their God. Now, I agree and acknowledge that these feral little creatures do not represent anything whatsoever that Jesus spoke of or taught in His time on earth. His was a message of love and caring and one that demanded that we cease killing and hurting one another and to begin treating one another as the children of God which He taught that we are. He demanded that His followers care for the weak and the women and the children. He demanded that His followers not judge others but to treat them with the all encompassing love that He offered. Finally, He instructed His followers of a very simple, plain and concise lesson in His statement that "Money is the root of all evil". No matter how one may try to wriggle or squirm out of it, the complete and absolute clarity of this means that anyone who claims to follow the teachings of Jesus and, at the same time, makes the accumulation of wealth and material goods a goal of their life is in direct conflict with what He told them to do. Why? Because He used the words "all evil". Not sometimes it's the root nor in most circumstances but "all evil".

He taught that money is evil, that killing in any form is a sin, that His followers must care for the weakest among them without judging them or their situations and many other words of wisdom that all of the so-called "Christian leaders" refuse to accept or follow. In fact, by the mere virtue of following the teachings of the Jerry Fallwells and the Randall Terrys and all of the others who plead for the "contributions" of the listeners or who instruct and support the murder of others for any reason, self-described "Christians" are behaving in a manner completely cut off from His demands and expectations.

Now, we have our war planes attacking and killing both the guilty and the innocent alike. We claim that we are doing all of this as a humanitarian gesture. How can we proclaim ourselves the saviors of some people when we kill so many others? How is our killing of a higher moral calling than the killing by those we so abhor?

Until this nation ceases its sick love affair with the nasty and childish "Rambo" form of political interaction, we have absolutely no moral authority to demand that any other nation behave in a civilized manner. Until this nation begins cooperating with other nations, until this nation ceases basing its foreign policy on Corporate America's self-interest and until we begin treating all of the citizens of this planet with a caring and ethical approach we must control our animal urges to kill anyone with whom we disagree.

As the last "Super Power", we are in a once in a millennia position to alter the global drift towards the utter destruction of everything valuable and good in the planet's headlong rush towards more wealth and more material goods and more pain and suffering for those weak and defenseless people that Corporate America uses and abuses in the sick pursuit of the cheapest and most malleable labor force that it can find. We are at a crossroads where we can begin the long, arduous climb towards the goal that has always been our stated end but the one that isn't in the best interest of Corporate America but one where all people are valued and rewarded for their labor and one where the environment is more than just the object of the conservative's diseased jokes of "Tree Huggers".

This destructive time in Kosovo must become the turning point, the place where decent and loving Americans demand that their government stop behaving like the nasty, schoolyard bully and to begin behaving in the way that will bring honor and esteem upon America for all the years to come. There is no power on earth that can stop us save for the greedy and foul portion of this nation that has never cared for anything but wealth and possessions and has no problem causing pain and death to those who stand in their way. These little villains can be pushed aside and relegated to the trash of history where they belong but only through the dedicated and constant efforts of those who heed a higher authority than wealth and power.

I challenge all Christians to begin to take back their spiritual voice and demand that the movement begin away from the demeaning and small minded pursuits it now so happily pursues and to finally find its heart and soul and to act as if we truly care about something besides the nonsense of wealth and celebrity. If one cannot find the heart for this challenge then I can only offer this answer for all those who send the repulsive and disgusting messages and that would be this, "Who cares?"

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