An Ultra-Conservative Wish List

Would you like a sampling of the laundry lists that the Far Right has in store for the rest of America should they gain anymore power? Want to know just what they find important and what they despise and want to completely corrupt.

The National Farm Bureau held its convention in January in New Mexico. Here are just a few of the areas that this powerful lobbying group is demanding more Republican style "Reforms" in: (and, nope, I see no need to comment on these "Reforms" since anyone with an IQ above five or so will easily see the stupidity without any effort on my part. Maybe at the end.)

Child Labor Laws "The child labor provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act are outmoded and should be modernized. Young people, 10 - 12 years of age should be able, with parental consent, to do certain kinds of safe work on farms during non-school days and those aged 12 to 13 should be allowed more latitude in working on farms with parental consent."

Animal Welfare "We oppose legislation that would give animal rights organizations or any public agency (my italics) the right to establish standards for the raising, handling, housing, or transportation of livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and fur-bearing animals ... We oppose the legislation which would prohibit or unduly restrict the use of animals in research."

Privatize Public Land Grazing Permits "... we defend the right of the lessee to sell, borrow against, or pass on to the heirs these leases."

Endangered Species Act"... Many predators such as the grizzly bear and some wolf species are contributing very little tangible benefit to the American people, and the extinction of the dinosaur, brontosaurus, pterodactyl, sabertooth tiger and countless other species is not hindering the occupation of Earth by the human race, and Therefore we strongly urge that the Endangered Species Act be reworded."

Indian Claims "The New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau is strongly opposed to the practice of the United States government using public lands of the U.S. and water to satisfy Indian tribal claims."

Right To Know Laws "Be it resolved that all agricultural activities, including cultivation of land for the production of agricultural crops, poultry, production of eggs, production of milk, production of fruit, or for other horticultural crops, grazing or the production of livestock and spraying and harvesting, be exempt from Right To Know Laws."

Homosexuality "We strongly support the rights of those who speak out against homosexuality. We believe ... the hiring of homosexual teachers ... would create an emotional and mental health hazard for children. We also oppose legislation providing for the Gay Bill of Rights."

The Poor Oppose public welfare programs for the poor, and specifically opposes "public aid programs so lucrative that there is an economic advantage in becoming a recipient."

Media Interviews "Be it resolved that New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau urge all people being interviewed on controversial subjects demand to see or hear the final version of said interview before it is aired or printed, and to reserve the right to refuse to have said interviewed aired or published."

Farm Labor The Farm Bureau wants more migrant workers from Mexico but opposes paying minimum wage to workers traveling on a portal to portal basis. They also oppose paying minimum wage for any waiting time at the field, before or after completion of their work assignment.

Worker's Protection "Chemicals are a necessary tool used today in all phases of agriculture. Field Re-entry Regulations for re-entry into agricultural fields after chemical spraying are imposed beyond what is reasonable. We oppose these regulations."

Farm Labor Union Organizing "law enforcement agencies (should) give full protection under the law to NM farmers and ranchers wherein labor unions may come in an effort to disrupt and to cause a strike."

Right To Work Whereas threats of labor unions can be detrimental in attracting new businesses to NM and the surrounding states have Right To Work legislation ... be it resolved NM Farm and Livestock Bureau supports legislation to enact the Right To Work Act in NM."

Worker's Compensation "continue working to keep agriculture exempt from worker's compensation regulations."

Collective Bargaining "We urge repeal of the enacted Collective Bargaining Law."

Migrant Farm Workers "oppose grants of federal money to migrant and seasonal farm workers associations."

Genetically Engineered Animals recommendation to favor the patenting of genetically engineered animals and to encourage more research.

EPA Regulations "oppose the unnecessary regulatory burdens proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency" with specific opposition to regulations for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.(1)

This isn't anywhere near of a complete listing of all of this groups Christmas wish list. I just wanted to highlight the important ones so that we could take a long look at the direction these fine and noble souls want to drag America towards.

The most painful points to ponder is that the National Farm Bureau obviously takes Nike's owner Phil Knight as their God since he, too, loves the little children, as long as they work for next to nothing for as long as he tells them. The entire purpose of the Fair Labors Standards Act was to abolish just this sort of abuse and assault on the most defenseless segment of our society. Add this nasty little appetite for the cheap labor of children to their equally strident hatred of unions and union organizers and even the basic decency of a minimum wage and you can see that the Right is just chock full of truly hideous and evil and appalling individuals and organizations.

Their outright hatred of the poor stands out mainly because, when put together with their desire to rid themselves of minimum wage and labor unions and the like, the obvious conclusion is that they, "have a dream!" That dream consist of absolutely no safety nets for the poor and no representation for the poor or the migrant workers which would create just one wonderful and heavenly labor market that could be exploited and maimed and even killed without it costing the fine folks in NM a penny in compensation or regulatory costs.

Folks, this little list will take the American worker far back into the nineteenth century when the wealthy had the legal right and filthy desire to use and abuse and kill their employees in anyway they saw fit since the worker had no voice and the government had no power to step in. It was only at the turn of this century that the working men and women in America began achieving the right to legally protect themselves and to protect their children from these ungodly and greedy types. It was only after a huge number of union organizers and workers had been murdered by their own government and the lackeys in the military before they could claim even small victories.

The Republican Party and their shameful supporters in the National Farm and Livestock Bureau only want these five simple little old things:

1) To allow the farmers and ranchers to have the right to hire and abuse children and
2) The right to pay their employees whatever they want with no restrictions and
3) The right to ignore all regulations concerning the amount and type of filth that they slough off into our air and water and food and
4) Absolute freedom from any forms of protections for their employees that could come from any organized movement of labor and, finally
5) The right to hate and discriminate against homosexuals in all areas of life.

Other than this, gentle readers, the ultra-conservatives of the National Farm and Livestock Bureau appear to be real humans just like you and me.

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